Talking to Strangers
     Many have asked me how I’m able to talk to strangers and get them into conversations so easily — long or short. For me it was a deliberately acquired skill. I’ve done my best to cultivate a friendly and purposeful way of living so I can connect with strangers I meet.
     I always remember that everyone is on a journey. So when I’m out and about, I keep my eyes open and watch for a chance to plant some seeds or do a little watering. Sometimes I even get to reap. Below is a very simple “watering” story.

“Becoming Human”

Last week I was becoming human — as I call it — getting my scraggly hair and bushy eyebrows tamed. I’ve gone to the same place for years, but they had a new brow girl. As she trimmed, I noticed a thin line of writing tattooed on her forearm. “What does your tattoo say?” I asked. 
“Always be true to your heart,” then she quickly added, “but I don’t really believe that anymore.” 
“I know someone that has one very similar," I told her. "It took her forever to find the right script and size, even what to say. It’s very feminine like yours.”

“What does hers say?” she asked.
brow girl

“It says, 'Great is Thy Faithfulness.'”
After a few minutes of chitchat, I gently asked, “A moment ago you mentioned you don’t believe what your tattoo says anymore… so what do you believe?” 
She answered a bit hesitantly. “Well, I have faith now. I still think it’s good to be true to my heart…but now I rely more on faith.”  

I said I had faith too, that it’s gotten me through a lot. “So do you go to church anywhere?"

She went to a church I’d visited once. We talked about that. Then she offered, “I put my two kids in their school. I want them to learn good values. My boyfriend goes there, so I started going along with him. I really like it.”
“So you’re a single mom?” She nodded. I said, “I was a single mom, too. It’s so hard. When you’re at work you feel you should be with your kids. And when you’re with your kids you feel you should be getting work done. I always felt so torn.”
“I do too,” she agreed.
“I’m a Christian too,” I said. “God is so faithful. He brought people into my children’s lives with different gifts than me, to fill in some of the gaps. Their dad would’ve been stricter — and also would’ve taught them things I didn’t have to give.”
big dryersA little encouragement can go a long way, so I continued. “My kids turned out great — both happily married to awesome guys, and they’re super moms. God has been faithful to them…and to me, too.”
I didn’t know where she was at in her journey, but she’s headed in the right direction. At the end I told her a bit about the plane crash, and Keith’s music. "I wrote a book about it. I’d love to send you one if you have an address you feel comfortable giving me. I think you’d enjoy it.”
She handed me her business card and smiled. I left a good tip (always essential) and said I’d see her next time.
The Lord led me to do just a little watering with acceptance and encouragement in our brief 20 minutes together. I’ll see her again.

Melody First Name

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Pouring Rain.  Prayer.  Forgiveness.

Two different trips.  Two amazing experiences!

Last month I couldn't have told you when I got to Philadelphia to speak — that something miraculous would happen!

I had no idea I'd be part of a three hour outpouring of the Holy Spirit right on a sidewalk with about a dozen college students — in the pouring rain!
And when I got to Tulsa, how could I know I’d be part of prayer to close a 35-year-old wound — from Keith’s
1979 legendary three nights at the ORU Mabee Center.
I will tell you the stories starting with PA. I think you’ll be as blessed as I am at the goodness of Jesus.
Melody First Name
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horse and buggy
On the Sidewalks of Lancaster, PA

I was in Pennsylvania to speak at the Cavod Dance Academy Gala Banquet Fundraiser — and got all dressed up and had just a great time! Cavod means "God's presesence" in Hebrew. 

But it was a day before that energized me for at least the next 10 years!

I had met the two sons of Cavod's director, Connie Dienner.
We went to her sons' film offices, and had to Melody and friendspass through a very hip coffee shop, Prince Street Cafe, to get to the elevator.
There were dozens of young people inside — and also outside at tiny tables lining the street.  I thought, what a mission field!

On our way out, back on the sidewalk, we asked one guy to snap a group shot of me wth the Dienner Family — in front of the vintage Fulton Theater.  Then I started talking with him... "What do you do? You in college? Your major?" etc.  Soon more of his friends engaged.
After about 30 minutes, few feet away, Connie asked if they'd ever heard of Keith Green — that I'd been married to him.  I didn't hear her, but knew something happened as I heard,

"No way." "He's my favorite!"
"You’re kidding!"

Street prayerSuddenly about 7 guys stood up to tell me their stories — how our music touched them. How Keith had changed their lives.

They asked what I thought was on God's heart which led to about an hour of me preaching to them, as more friends they'd texted started showing up.

I was telling them about winning hearts for Jesus. After about an hour the photo-taker asked me to pray for him. "For what Keith had. I want his anointing."

"I can't give you that," I said, "but what specifically do you want?"

"Boldness! I want to be bold like Keith was!

I said, "Keith was bold for souls.  Is that what you want?"

"Yes. For souls!!!"
So right on the sidewalk in front of the hippest coffee shop around, Prince Street Cafe, the guys lined up and I prayed for each of them. There were about a dozen now.

 Prayer during rainAnd from inside the coffee shop many
just stared out the big glass windows at us — probably thinking what the heck is going on?

Then everyone wanted to pray for me!  And formed a circle around me. What a blessing!!!

At that very moment
there was a huge thunder clap in the blue skies.  We all startled... and then rain started pouring out of nowhere.

This very top photo captured the beginning of it. Then the skies opened and we got soaking wet. But nobody cared. Everyone took a turn praying for me. It was awesome!!
God's Blessings Rained Down

Doorway prayer
When we were done we huddled inside The Prince for shelter — the Prince Street Cafe doorway, that is. And just praised Jesus for
such goodness!

Soaking wet!
And rejoicing in Jesus!!!
Father-Son Connection
One awesome part was I met a young guy, Noah, whose family moved on from LDM ministry years before.MATT SCHOENFELDER His dad Matt Schoenfelder had graduated from our first school and become a key leader.

Matt fell in love with Liz, a darling girl who lived with me and Keith to help with our kids. Their romance was legendary — platinum haired blue eyed Matt and slim pretty Liz with the beautiful smile were a sight to
As it happened, Matt tragically passed away several years ago at just 44, leaving his youngest son Noah with a lot of honest questions.
Noah Shoenfelder Noah lived a few blocks away and was texted to come down. He looked so much like his dad! And got there just in time to get soaked in our prayer circle.

Noah also had a special prayer for me and he took me aside to share.

Overall we were there for about 3 hours. Some have stayed in touch and even sent some photos from that God-orchestrated afternoon.

I call them the Prince Street Warriors — they got so fired up for Jesus and reaching their friends!

I Live for Moments Like These!
There are Divine Appointments you couldn't put together if you tried — when circumstances, people, and the Holy Spirit collide!
  Then a situation that would not have happened, had any one of the elements been missing.
God is willing. And looks for people who are willing. Are YOU willing to step out for Jesus?
Ask Jesus for more promptings and divine appointments! And keep a wiling heart!
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"A weekend with Melody Green"
at "Drink From the River" TULSA

melody in tulsa
At the end of April I spoke for a weekend  in Tulsa, OK, put together by two ministries. This blessed me so much!

I know Jesus loves unity, rather than competition in His cities. So it was great before it began!
I met some precious people I hope to see again.

There were many moments that gripped my heart in those two days, besides the conference itself.
But I will share the two most powerful for me.
Moment One
One highlight was meeting a 13-year-old girl, Deborah.
People were crowding around me to say hi, as she quietly passed me a gift bag and turned as if waking away, without saying anything.

My spirit jolted as the top of something inside poked out. She seemed to be leaving, and my spirit jolted. I turned and said, "Did you make me a gift?"

Melody with Deborah
Deborah said, "I painted a fox, my favorite animal — And I named him Keith Green — for my most favorite singer!" 

I was so blessed this 13-year-old girl was being inspired by
Keith's music and life — and carrying that passion in her ministry in Bulgaria with her family.

We have kept in touch via email, and will later by Skype. Deborah has a big call on her life!

Moment Two
Tulsa Remembers 1979
When Keith was at ORU
As you know, if you read my book, there’s over a chapter dedicated to our time at the ORU Mabee Center. Perhaps you were there yourself.

Keith believed a huge revival would break out, and ORU could take it to the ends of the earth, being the biggest media ministry at that time.

Well, the people who brought me to Tulsa last month to speak, and many others, believed the Lord wanted to do something huge and lasting in Tulsa in 1979, but was turned away.

They told me after I arrived, with me being there then, they believed the breach could be repaired.

The Short Version of 1979 in Tulsa
Keith played for three night in a row at the ORU Mabee Center. And it grew each night. By night three genuine revival was breaking out among the students and city of Tulsa.

God's presence was so powerful and real that last night we all felt it. Like Holy Ground.
Keith had to just stop playing and crawl under the piano to weep and pray — as people under conviction began coming forward.

Several hundred came onto the stage and also laid in the aisles praying. Keith just wanted to get out of the way and let God do His work.
Keith at ORU

Then students lined up at the abandoned mic and started openly confessing their sins.

Even student leaders. Many sins that you would be expelled for.

It got so intense that one of the faculty for some reason came to the mic and said some sins were not meant to be shared publically, but in private.

The Shut Down

As soon as his words hit the air it was like a switch was thrown. Suddenly, and astonishingly, God’s presence disappeared. Not in a slowly dissipating way. But all at once. It was so jolting nobody moved, or said anything.
It was silently stunning. Nobody knew what to do; Keith was still crying under the piano. And slowly the crowd got to their feet and slowly moved out.

It was over.
Last Month in Tulsa
A lady who was at those ORU meetings drove 13 hours to get to Tulsa to tell her experience. She said it was exactly as I described it in my book.

That the power of God permeated the room and people spontaneously headed to the mic on stage and openly repented.  Then a faculty member shared briefly and everything came to a screeching halt.

And indeed, it was over.
Identificational Repentance
But then the lady reached out to me and said, “Melody, you and Keith initiated this, but we rejected it. On behalf of all of Tulsa, I apologize. Would you please forgive us?"


Melody speaking in tulsaI was stunned, and had no idea it was coming. But immediately responded, “Yes. I forgive you.”

Then we all gathered as the pastor prayed for God to open the doors of heaven again over all of Tulsa. That God would send a revival.
When these things happen, genuine repentace and genuine forgiveness, between parties standing in proxy and representing something much bigger than themselves – God hears.  He takes notice.
It was so powerful! The leaders there have contacted me and said, "Something in the atmosphere has shifted."

So in a small corner of Tulsa, in a small place, people with right hearts did a heavenly transaction with the Lord.

Time will tell... but why not Tulsa?  Why not now?  Lord, let it be so!


Keith in Tulsa, 1979
Commemorative Poster


Oh Lord Poster 400
  • Circled by the lyrics of "O Lord, You're Beautiful"
  • Large 18 x 24 (1.5 feet x 2 feet) Standard Framing Size
  • Heavy Paper Quality Glossy Photo - Poster
  • Taken at Oral Roberts University, March 1979
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   of Lancaster, PA

* Tulsa Blessings and
* Classic CD Collection
* No Compromise Book
* Poster of Classic Keith
   Photo at ORU Tulsa 1979


TX Come Hear
Melody Speak!

Leon Springs
Baptist Church
July 20th at 10:30 am
San Antonio, Texas
Check their website for more information
Hope to See You There!

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from Melody's June 26th Event

Thank you Melody for sharing your heart last night! I will ask the Lord to open my eyes for opportunities to share God's love, one  seed at a time.
Pray I will not listen to satan's lies that I'm not good enough to speak of Jesus.  Praise Him for washing me clean! May God fill us with His spirit and make us bold for Jesus!
Deborah      Riverside, CA

My friend went to hear Melody Green at the UPPER ROOM and loved her!
Beatrice    Southern CA  

Thank you Melody for sharing this Saturday. I was convicted and challenged!
I want to let God use me to touch lives, whether it be by meeting a physical need (blankets for homeless) or spiritual need (prayer).
You have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone again.  Thanks!
Tamara    Los Angeles, CA

Letters - LDM truck

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Heart Connection
Keith Green's music spoke to my heart early
in my walk with Christ.
Today, I still love to listen to the conviction and passion so few artists carry in their music.

Keith inspired me then and continues to inspire me today. When people ask who my favorite artist is, hands down
it is Keith Green.
Jackie   USA

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I was listening to his music today...and it made me cry. His music and message touches our hearts like no other!
Melody you are an inspiration in all you do for the Lord.
Paul   Cardiff, Wales

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Touching Generations
Melody- I wanted you to know I just finished watching the DVD of Keith’s Story, “Your Love Broke Through.” I grew up listening to his music, as my mom cleaned the house... it was always on.

It’s just amazing that 32 years later, my 2 little boys (5 and 7) both love singing to "The Easter Song" and "I Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven."
Tara    Florida

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Serve with Intensity
I have been hearing Keith's music and watching "The Keith Green Story DVD."
His short life makes sense to me: I have not many years ahead to be useful to the Lord, if he gives me life. But I want these few years to be as intense as Keith Green's years with the Lord.
Via LDM email

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Holy Communication
Keith's music changed my heart. There is no other artist I have found that touches my spirit and allows holy communication with my Lord. Thank you for keeping this beautifully worshipful music available.
Rob  USA

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Fired Up!
 I first heard about Keith Green in the biography of Leonard Ravenhill. Later I read No Compromise and bought the LIVE CD.
My life is fired up to live more for God, and also my wife who sings and plays guitar and piano is more fired up, to be bold for God!
Thank you for this book to share it with us!!
Gerlof   Netherlands


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I'm reading "No Compromise"! Thank you for writing this; it has energized me and set a fire in my belly to continue to share Jesus with the lost! I greatly appreciate your ministry. God bless you!
Timothy  USA

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mothers day header

A Mother’s Secret

by Melody Green
I will let you in on a Mother’s Secret
No matter how hard we tried to be good mothers
We all know we’ve failed our children in some ways
Many of you have wonderful memories
And you look back at your childhood fondly
We like to hear all those stories anytime of the year
But especially on Mother’s Day
We need to hear you say how much you love us
And that you’re grateful God gave you to us
Because most of us moms carry some weight of guilt
We know we are imperfect and flawed…
Some of us were too selfish to meet all your needs
Many of us just didn’t know how
Often there were bad circumstances beyond our control
There are some things we will never tell you or burden you with
But if you want to know something just ask
Now that you are older “we just might” tell you more
Some of us were totally unprepared for being a mom
Or didn’t have the kind of support we needed
Or worked very long hours and took our problems out on you
Sometimes in unjust ways
We have no excuse for so many things…
But we are extremely sorry for times we hurt you
And for any way we neglected or harmed you
And ask for, and deeply desire, your forgiveness
We would still lay down our life for you
You are the joy and light of our lives
If we knew before what we know now
We’d do a lot of things differently
Time can’t be unraveled
God is good. He restores.
But one thing is for certain…
We would’ve played with you lots
Lots more.

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Melody Green, 5/8/2014

Last Days Ministries
Do Talk to Strangers



by John Dawson

I clipped on my seat belt and stared out the window.

Today would be a difficult day.

The Los Angeles Times laid folded on my lap. I spread out the front page and stared again at the tragic headlines:

As the Texas-bound jet took off, my mind tried to grasp the implications of that crash - death is so final, so absolute in its separation of earthly friends. Just a few days ago I sat with Keith by a river in Colorado as he excitedly shared his dreams for the future. Now, he had suddenly graduated - gone to be with Jesus.

I looked at my hands. “Our bodies are so fragile,” I thought. “How much longer do I have to live?” My soul stared into eternity and earthly anxieties seemed to fade away. “My life must count. It must fulfill its purpose, I can't waste the brief opportunity of life.”
Your Own Stories Have Power

The man next to me looked confident, wealthy, and secure. The image of a successful executive. But this time I wasn't going to be intimidated. “Have you seen the front page?” I said. “See this article about a crash? The musician mentioned was one of my best friends.”

During the next thirty minutes, I told him the story of Keith Green. I told him about a young Jewish singer who was transformed by the life of Jesus and propelled into ministry.

The man seemed to show only a polite interest. He asked about the funeral and what I would say at the memorial service, but revealed no weakness in his armor of studied indifference.

The truth was that he knew far more about Jesus than he'd first admit. After nearly two hours of conversation, he admitted to a conscious knowledge of the mercy of God in his own life. He recounted to me two stories of God's protection from accident and disease.

Finally, he told me that his sister is a Christian who prays for him regularly.
A Time For Boldness

People like this man are far more vulnerable to the Gospel than we'd at first imagine. If there's ever a time when it's easy to talk to people about spiritual things, it's now. It's time to begin boldly speaking about the wonderful relationship all men can have with their heavenly Father.

We're often reminded of our duty and obligation to evangelize the lost -- and into our mind flashes a picture of a dying race stumbling in hurt and depravity. We must tell people about God's broken heart and His plan to redeem them.

Most Christians contemplate evangelism with a heavy heart and fear of rejection. But a twinge of guilt reminds them that their obligation is clear.

Why should we share Jesus?

Because people need Him? Because we look at strangers and just love them so much? Because of duty and obligation? There should be three main reasons why we share the Gospel with others.
Three Reasons For Sharing

1. Healing The Heart Of God.

If you love someone, you'll seek to comfort them and help them at the point of their greatest hurt. We have a brokenhearted Father Who has entrusted us with an awesome responsibility and privilege: expressing His love to a hurting generation.

Jesus said, “As My Father hath sent Me... even so send I you.” (Jn 20:21 KJV) Our very name is the “Body of Christ.” This means our hands become His hands, our eyes shine with His love, and our voices speak His words. As His people we represent Jesus to the world. Where else will they see Him?

I have three children. I love to hold them, comfort them, and teach them. I can't imagine what it would be like to have no arms to hold them and no voice to comfort them in pain, but God has entrusted us with the tremendous privilege to express His heart of love to His own wayward children.

How vulnerable God has made Himself to us. We cannot fail His trust. We cannot ignore His broken heart over millions who still walk in ignorance of His plan of reconciliation.
Can you "love the lost”?

Preachers often talk about a “ministry of reconciliation” and evangelism is literally that. When you see strangers walking down the street, you don't immediately love them. 

Actually, you can't love them. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a “love for the lost”?  This is just an expression we use as part of our Christian jargon.

Many believers search their heart in condemnation, looking for the arrival of some feeling of benevolence that will propel them into bold evangelism.

It will never happen.
It's impossible to "love the lost.”

You can't feel deeply for an abstraction or a concept. It impossible to deeply love an unfamiliar person in a photo, let alone a nation or a race or something as vague as “all lost people.”

You may read testimonies of praying missionaries who wept with loving compassion for the people of their calling, but remember this experience is a result of God's emotions being shared with a human heart in the intimate place of intercession. God doesn't relate to commodities and abstractions.

In His omnipresence, He knows and relates to individuals. He does not see a conglomerate such as the nation of China, as much as He sees every Chinese person, whom He has known intimately since conception.
Don't Wait for a Feeling

Don't wait for a feeling of love in order to share Christ with a stranger. You already love your heavenly Father, and you know that this stranger is a child of His, separated from Him, so take those first steps in evangelism because you love God.

It's not primarily out of a compassion for man that we share our faith — it's first of all love for God.

The Bible says in Ephesians 6:7-8, “With good will render service, as to the Lord, and not to men, knowing that whatever good thing each one does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether slave or free.”

The fact is: mankind doesn't deserve God's love
any more than you or I did. We're never to be Christian humanists, taking Jesus to poor sinful man and reducing Him to some kind of product that will better the lot of mankind.

Men deserve to be damned, but Jesus, the suffering Lamb of God, deserves the reward of His suffering: which would be that none perish, but that all are reconciled to the Father.

When you do open your mouth to testify to others as a love response to God, you'll be amazed at the change that comes in your feelings and emotions. This brings us to the second point.

2. The Love Of Christ Controls Us.

Evangelism involves a strategy of both saturation and penetration. Saturation in that every person needs to hear the good news (ie. literature distribution to every home), and penetration in that we must intensely disciple as many as we can through personal relationship.

We need to do both: to make disciples and evangelize masses.

Witnessing at Gym

A great many opportunities to share the Lord are a result of contact with our acquaintances in our work, school, or neighborhood. Unsaved family members are also an important opportunity and responsibility.
But we Must Press Beyond the Frontiers of Routine Contact!

There are millions who will never be reached unless we gain the courage to share with a stranger. Some of the most dramatic and rewarding times I've had have resulted from approaching a stranger with the Gospel.

There's even a time when we should organize in a strategic way and set aside time for a planned outreach. The reason this type of ministry is less popular is because we have to deal with our own insecurity and fear of rejection.

This leads us again to the question of motivation. The strongest motivation in the world is the "indwelling love of Christ." (II Cor. 5:14)
Will We Follow Jesus?

What if Jesus suddenly appeared in the flesh in front of you, calling you away from your friends — beckoning you to follow Him? Where would He take you?

Jesus is not attracted to pleasant places and popular people, as much as He is drawn by His great compassion to the dark and lonely places where people are shut away from the eyes of the crowd.

In a way, we have the advantage, the emotional protection, that comes with the limitation of our five senses. We are boxed in. There's always a horizon to our vision and a limit to our hearing. God has no limits.

We don't see our fellow man in all his pains unless tragedy intrudes into our personal world.

But God sees it all. He Who is more sensitive and compassionate than any human parent has to witness all the cruelty and despair of this dying planet.

If you followed Jesus out the door, I believe you'd find yourself following Him into the wards of a hospital, into the bedroom of an abused child, or simply to the side of a someone bewildered by his personal emptiness.

Witnessing at Grocery StoreThis doesn't mean to follow Jesus always takes us to strangers, but the fact is that most of the unfinished task of world evangelism lies among cultures and peoples unfamiliar to us.

Having taken the initial step of contacting a stranger, you'll be amazed at the ability of the indwelling Christ to arouse within you compassion and empathy for the people you talk to.

Don't sit around asking God for love to propell you, He IS love and He dwells within you. If you will just obey Him in making the initial contacts, His love, wisdom, knowledge and
power, will be poured out through you.

The Apostle Paul testified to the supernatural enabling power of God in his ministry. “And my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.” (I Cor. 2:4-5 NASB)

After decades as an evangelizing Christian, I still grapple with fear and inadequacy in sharing the Lord with others, but this human weakness only serves to remind me that soul-winning can only be accomplished in total dependence on Jesus, the Savior.

“So everywhere we go we talk about Christ to all who will listen, warning them and teaching them as well as we know how. We want to be able to present each one to God, perfect because of what Christ has done for each of them. This is my work, and I can do it only because Christ's mighty energy is at work within me.” (Col. 1:28-29, LB)

Witnessing at Bank

3. Obedience: We Were Born To Reproduce.

Jesus said, “If you love Me,... keep My commandments.” (John 14:15) We've been clearly commanded to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every person on earth. (Matt. 28:19-20)

It's not an option or a special ministry for a few, but a normal activity in the life of every believer.
Just as any marriage naturally brings forth children, we were born to reproduce when we were born again through vital union with Jesus.
Some Practical Steps

It's important to clearly know the Gospel message and develop skill in communicating it, but let's not be intimidated by our lack of training. By all means, get trained where possible, but don't miss the many obvious things you could be doing. Let me ask you about a few:

1. Do you have a supply of favorite tracts that you carry with you in your handbag or briefcase?

2. Have you ever rented one of the many excellent Christian films and shown it to a non-Christian audience?

3. Do you invite people to Christian concerts or services?

4. Have you ever purchased gripping testimony books like The Hiding Place or The Heavenly Man to give away to non-Christian acquaintances? 

5. Do you join with the programs of your church that reach out to the poor or the institutionalized?

6. When you use public transportation, do you share Christ with those around you?

These are all simple things, but even using these obvious methods can turn each day into a supernatural adventure. God will take the little loaves and fishes that we offer Him and multiply them in the feeding of a surprisingly great multitude.
Be Someone Who Brings Hope

Remember, the only hope millions of people have is that some obedient Christian will cross a language, cultural, or even psychological barrier to bring them the “Good News” of God's love.

My wife went through all her school years here in America without anyone explaining the details of God's plan of salvation. When she first heard a clear presentation of who Jesus was and what He had done, she eagerly accepted Him as her Savior and within a year was engaged in missionary service.

There are people all around you who need the knowledge of God that you have. You're sure some of them would never listen so you don't even try. Don't try to decide how they will respond, let them decide by giving them the opportunity.

We never know what work the Spirit of God has been doing in drawing a person to Jesus. When I talked to that executive on that airplane, I was part of a divinely orchestrated chain of contact. It was only a small contribution, but part of God's loving pursuit of His child.
Look For Divine Appointments

I'm reminded of another place and time when the Spirit of God strongly moved upon me to reach a soul. I was walking through the International Airport in Puerto Rico, when God impressed me to share Jesus with a man standing alone on the observation deck. I went upstairs and walked around the observation deck praying until I became convinced that it was God's appointment. We struck up a conversation and I began to share my testimony.

Within minutes we were praying together. He was very vulnerable at that moment, having just experienced divorce. His heart was crying out in loneliness, pain, and confusion, when a stranger appeared at his side and brought a message from heaven itself. “God loves you, He knows all about your pain. He has lovingly pursued you all your life, and even now wants to forgive you, heal you, and reveal Himself to you.”

I'll never forget the gratitude of that lonely man when we finally parted. It had dawned on him like a thunder clap that he had a heavenly Father. “God was alive and could be known!” The thing that touched him most deeply was my story of divine direction to him out of all the people there that day.

People without Christ are empty vessels living in emotional turmoil and spiritual poverty. Don't he afraid of them. The exterior may be intimidating, but all people struggle with guilt, hurt, and a need for real love. Look past that veneer of self-sufficiency and the hollow mask of human pride.

Underneath is a child who needs a father. A sinner needing grace. Tell them what Jesus has become to you, and invite them home to the Father's house. Give them the GOOD NEWS.

Words - Do Talk

John Dawson, a native of New Zealand, is President of Youth With A Mission.  He is a well-loved leader and author of Taking Our Cities for God, and Healing America's Wounds.
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When selecting Melodys Biothis, one of my favorite articles, I forgot John started out by talking about the plane crash.

Keith and John were very close friends — John was the first person to phone me after the crash.

On his flight to Texas to speak and comfort us he recounts his own tragic loss to a total stranger next to him -- and shares Jesus.

John reminds us of how much Jesus loves people and why it's so important to love the ones God brings across our paths — especially those we don't know.

The strangers.
What an exciting way to live!
Thank you John.

Melody First Name

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This Gala Event is at
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Friday Eve
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Reservations are needed for this Banquet no later than April 25th.

For info click on link below:

All proceeds support the Cavod Academy of Arts who take dance, music and theater to the nations to share and glorify Jesus.

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Letters pink background

These arrived in the last month — via our LDM online Ministry and those who connect with Melody her on Facebook Page.

I just heard Melody's new song on Facebook. It is awesome; I am so thankful for her sharing it!

My youngest daughter (15 next week) loves Keith's music. It has been such a blessing to us to share that with her and she is so encouraged in her walk because of it.

Thank you for continuing to minister and pour out your life for the Lord, Melody.

Below is the link so you can also watch and listen to:
"NeverEnding Love"
Rebecca Friedlander cover art

Thanks Melody for your
last article on Holy Spirit guidance, "Rushing Wind". I so often don't realize 'til afterward, hey that was the Holy Spirit whispering to me in my thoughts! Bless you and yours.

Love Melody's last newsletter "Rushing Wind". Please post it here [on Facebook] so we can share it. What wisdom and encouragement!

The Lord has caused me to reevaluate my life recently, and I found your life book "No Compromise" to be both enlightening and challenging. 

Thank you for writing it all down, and continuing yourself to lead a life of No Compromise. 

May God grant us all the empowerment of the Spirit to do likewise. 

Only within the last week have I ever heard of Keith Green. "No Compromise" was passed on to me by my co-worker. 

We are both undergoing major life changes due to the difficult financial times.

I am touched by the story, the way God has worked in the lives described and I praise Him for it.

Thank you for displaying such dignity and grace in your writing, continuing the ministry and letting the Lord use you.

You have ministered to me over time and distance.

Love to you all at LDM.

I just finished reading No Compromise. Thank you!!

I was inspired, challenged and
uplifted in so many ways. I was touched by some of your comments regarding the links between our Jewish brothers and sisters and Christianity.

Your comments about how Jesus, the disciples and the 5,000 who Jesus fed (etc etc) were all Jews, went straight to my heart as I read your words.
Thank you again Melody.

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A Few Recent Events from Melody in California

This month a special lunch was arranged to connect with this amazing couple:

Richard and Danelle Bergman


First inspired by LDM, the Bergmans lived for 17 years in the slums of South Africa serving the poor in the streets and in prisons — while raising their young family.

They also opened their home to the needy, especially many who were just released from prison with nobody and no where to go.

They gave these ex-prisoners comfort, mercy, and Jesus as they helped them rehabilitate.

We talked for hours and I was inspired by their journey — and humbled to be just a small part of it.

* * *

Chris DuPre' Blesses Us


My dear friend Chris DuPre' (pastor, songwriter, and author from Nashville) was in town and I asked him to come to my loft to minister to some of my friends — both new ones and longtime ones. www.chrisdupre.com

Bible Study

It was my first home worship and bible study in Hollywood — a desire come to pass.

We went to very deep waters in the Lord... All were blessed!

My little loft was prayed over, and blessed too :)

* * *

Peter Tsukahira
from Israel


I recently went to hear my dear friend Peter Tsukahira minister. Peter lives in Israel with his wife Rita and is a pastor in Mount Carmel at Kehilat HaCarmel.

I've stayed with Peter and Rita a few times there.

Peter gave a powerful teaching that really touched the hearts of all who came.  It was such a blesing to get some time with him.

 Peter is also the
Director of the School of Ministry at the Kehilat Ha Carmel.

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Living in CA is great because so many wonderful people come to visit and I get to see them.

Melody First Name
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