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laurabeth (Guest) (07/01/2010 17:59)

It was because of the song, "I don't want to fall away from you", that I came back to God after I had drifted away. I would just listen to it a cry. Then one day I gave in and let God have control again. I am so grateful that Keith let God use him and was sold out to God. Can't wait to see the Movie. I have been waiting for a long time hoping one day it would happen.

Stephen Rochon (Guest) (07/03/2010 11:31)

Keiths music has really touched my life and my walk with the lord, I will pray for your ministry and i loved the book u wrote, i just read it june 2010, God bless and i cant wait to see keith in heaven someday , praise the lord

kenney (Guest) (07/08/2010 20:32)

i will share the need for prayer with all i can and i will also pray the father direct and guide you all in this undertaking...

Mary Heuvel (Guest) (07/09/2010 17:52)

I had the privilege to have seen Keith perform many times back in 1977, he was singing and preaching his heart to small crowds in Vancouver, WA. He came so many times I can't count, there were hungry souls and Keith was the one to reach us. He impacted my life as I got saved in Feb 77 I knew every song and made them prayers to our Father, as well as the truth that hasatan is there waiting to devour us with 'lies'. I truly miss him and was shocked and overwhelmed at his death. I had a hard time releasing that anger toward the L-rd, there never was a man of G-d like Keith, and his life has made mine take the right direction. I think it was his stubborn Jewish personality that convinced me there was a real Y'Shua, Jesus, and HE is worth everything.I was also pregnant exactly due the same day Melody was with her last child, so I felt akin to both of them like family. Our children listened to Keith daily, and never got tired of it and are all serving the L-rd. My husband Bill has a greater testimony, he will post.

Linda Nadeau (Guest) (10/04/2010 09:17)

Hello Melody. You will be in my prayers. I know this will bring difficult memories for you. I love you in Jesus. Keith's music still moves and impacts me.

bonniegaroutte@yahoo.com (Guest) (10/05/2010 16:03)

Keith's music touched me as no other - only one that came close was
John Michael Talbot

Yisrael (Guest) (10/19/2010 06:41)

Praying all goes well with the movie, as Bro. Keith's music ministred to me immensely as I would sing along sensing the presence of our Elohim...I am praying HIS Shalom Peace over you, Sis. Melody, and trust that everyone who sees the movie will be converted to Y'shua, who is THE WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE -JOHN 14:6!!!...HIS Love & Shalom! -ISAIAH 46:9-13!!!

John (Guest) (03/08/2011 20:38)

Your husband's words are so penetrating. He was so open to Christ. I am not able to listen to him and not be moved to worship Jesus more.

mary kenney (Guest) (07/06/2012 20:17)

I can't wait to see a movie on keith's and your life....the ministries .....I will always remember ........Stephen Dobbins (Guest) (06/13/2013 02:08) I will be praying for this movie project. May it touch many lives. I was born in a family that daily listened to Keith Green's music. So I had the oportunity to be surrounded in his music. My father had all his music at the time on LP's and I loved to put them on and sing along to the music. We even played his music in the car on the way to church every Sunday and on road trips. He has been my most favorite Christian music singer and musician. I was born a few years before Keith died and had the oportunity to attend the memorial concert for Keith Green. To this day his music has had a huge effect on my life like no other music or singer. I still play his music and sing along to them to this day. Thank you Melody for continuing to share Keith's love for the Lord even to this day. You and Keith have been a big part of my life. ( Page 6 of 6. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 )
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