Making a Difference in Your World

by Linda Speight

The phone rings,
It's answered
The conversation drifting far away
"Dinner time" someone shouts,
The constant clatter and chatter,
The tv blaring, the computer whirling
This is it, my house, my life
But stop
Just for a minute and really listen;
No love
No affection
No care

Everyday life has taken over
We're no more than a machine
Programmed to do as we're told
No time for questions
No time for failure
Life musn't go on without us
Got to keep up
Got to keep running
No longer are we people
Judged on actions and emotions,
But on wealth and looks
As one we are nothing
As a nation we are running
Nothing can overtake us
Change won't beat us

But stop
Just for a minute and really listen;
Listen to your heart

Think about it, is this really what you want from your life? A constant change in technlogy making us less and less individual each day? A world where no one cares about what's inside? A World where life moves at a pace many people can't keep up with? A world where personal values count for nothing?

I know I don't. To me this is a waste of everything we have spent our lives achieveing. Yes I agree, without technology we'd be lost without pace life would be boring, but are we really going about it the right way? Is it really worth the pain and anguish we're causing? Shouldn't we all just stop and look at what a mess the world is in? Wars are raging every where the eye can see, people are starving in their homes, children are begging on the streets, people lack the basic necessities for life that we take for granted like clean water and electricity. Yet what do we do? Pour all of our money into our wealth and happiness while others have nothing. Or may be we splash out on a new investigation into whether it really is possible to make robots to do every household chore we can think of while others have to walk miles each day just to find a glass of water.

Then there's the age-old excuse "but what can I do?" We've been led to believe that we have no power, that every decision is up to the government but that's wrong. YOU can do something all you have to do is find out what. Maybe you're being called to spend a few minutes each day praying. If we all stopped and prayed, what a big difference we'd make and we've only taken a few minutes from our day. Then there's the option of giving money. Do you really need that new top or could someone else benifit more from that money? It isn't a question of going without, but of helping someone else to go with. If i said to you that you'd get much more pleasure out of your money if you gave it to someone else, you'd think I was nuts but just try it and you'll see. Or you could volunteer at a local charity, even an hour a week makes a big difference. Just remember YOU have all the power in the world. YOU can make a difference if only YOU'RE detirmined to bring some love back into this torn and broken World.

Linda Speight, 2/21/2007