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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

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What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

After telling your story scroll back to bottom — to click "share" — so your friends can comment on this Page too!

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Betsy Bradshaw (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:03
Keith's article "Why You Should Go to the Mission Field" was instrumental in my becoming a missionary. I've now been a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators for 30 years! I first went to Brazil to teach missionary kids (MKs) for two years, and right after that, in the summer of 1985 went to the Last Days Intensive Christian Training School in Lindale, TX, which I really enjoyed and it helped me to grow more deeply in my faith. That November I went to Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe to teach MKs and have been there ever since! I even met my husband there. I loved getting the Last Days newsletter and am grateful for Keith being sold out to the Lord, who challenged me to do the same. Still love his music, too!
Connie Dunbar (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:03
I read Keith's tract, "Why YOU Should Go to the Mission Field" as a 16 year old. It took me a few years, but I ended up going to India for 4+ years and to several other countries in south Asia after that. Oh, the adventures Jesus has taken me on! If not for Keith's challenge, I probably never would have considered it. Thanks, Keith.
julie holloway (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:04
When I got saved in November 1980..someone at my church introduced me to last days ministries and kieth green.I grew in the lord listening to Keith music and last days newsletters.I still listen to my Keith CDs and so feel the anointing.I remember sitting my car listening to the radio station and they announced the death of keith and the kids.I can't rember the date but my husband and I were going to a concert of kieth shortly before his death. Oh I know Keith is so enjoying his reward in heaven.thank you melody!!!!!
Carolyn Erny (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:04
As a teenager, I went to several of Keith's concerts. I remember my youth group taking a bus of us kids to see Keith one time. He was such an amazing on the piano. He was also hilarious! Keith had us laughing until we cried! But he was always spot on with his messages in his music! I LOVE his songs! There are few musicians who will speak the name of Christ and Christ's message as loudly and profoundly as Keith did...and without abandon. His music drew me closer to the Lord Jesus then and still does now. I loved that if someone couldn't afford to purchase his record, he would give it away or for whatever they could send. Nobody was doing that back then. Keith walked the walk and talked the talk. It wasn't fake in any way. God Bless Keith and your family, Melody!
Jennifer Rose Martin (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:05
I was born in California and some of my first memories of Keith Green were as a young child there. My mom and dad had a record they played over and over and even though I was probably 6 or 7 , I memorized the words to all those songs. Keith actually felt like a family member in our home! I thought as a child I had never seen a sweeter or kinder face on a man. Like looking into the eyes of Jesus. 30 something years later I still find myself going around singing those songs in my Kentucky home. My favorite started "like a foolish dreamer trying to build a highway to the sky...all my hopes would come crashing down and I never knew just why. Til today when you pulled away the clouds that hung like curtains in my eyes. Ive been blind. All these wasted years and I thought I was so wise......
Kim Scott (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:06
I never had a chance to see Keigh in person, so my encounters have always been through his music. I had his cassettes back in the day and his music taught me then and still resonates with me now about keeping my heart soft and pliable. That prophetic voice is in my head and heart, calling me when i wonder away and leading me back to my first love. I am still moved by the Spirit of God in Keith's music.

Russ Simmons (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:08
One Easter Sunday morning when my sister and I were sharing an apartment to make ends meet, I had to work that day and I listened to a few of Keith's songs before I had to leave. One was "When I Hear the Praises Start." My sister Marcia Collins went to church with our Mom that morning and after the service she asked the pastor if he would baptize her. She became a Christian that Easter Sunday because of Keith! ...And I missed the moment because I was at work :)
Ben Hardy (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:10
I first started listening to Keith's music back in high school. He was my favorite. I was so looking forward to Keith coming to Southern CA to support the YWAM ship "Anastasis" when it arrived in San Pedro from it's long journey from Greece. Then the tragedy. I was saddened by Keith's death, but remembered a passage that Melody shared about the grain of wheat falling to the ground. It was just the encouragement that I needed. I still went to see the Anastasis when it arrived, and because of Keith's encouragement through music, I joined the ship as a student on their Discipleship Training School that left San Pedro later in 1982. Keith said something that I will never forget. Jesus commands us to go. It's the exception if we stay. Thanks Melody for sharing this opportunity to tell our stories!
Dianne Drinkard (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:12
Around 1980 I started hearing Keith's music...he was bold about his love for Jesus and his walk with God. His music commanded attention, and helped many of us to stand up and not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. He set an example, and I was saddened by his passing. His music continued to thrive even after his death, and I continue to be amazed by his influence even today. I had my first son in 1984, and towards the time of delivery, I asked my husband if he would like me to name our child after him if it was a boy. He said no. When I went into labor, I was listening to Keith's music, and studying the word. On the way to the hospital, a scripture came to mind...a good name is to be chosen above I chose Keith after your husband's great legacy. My son has had troubles, but is such a good person, I will never regret that decision! I am so thankful to you, Melody, in keeping his legacy alive, as I see your ministry flourishing! God Bless You and your wonderful family, and I am sure that you will prosper as you have been an active participant in the life of one amazing and godly man! The words still ring in my head...To Obey is Better than Sacrifice...he was unforgettable, and such a blessing to so many of us! Thanks for letting us share how his ministry impacted our lives. Bless you Melody!!
James Trafford (Guest) 07/22/2013 23:20
Where do I start? I just finished re-listening to his 71 songs I have available, although I have listened to them on & off in the last more than 2 decades. Each song is still filled with GOD'S SPIRIT, in that, many of them still impact me today. I was just thinking today how it must be for you Melody, how amazing of an impact he was for you. Obviously, JESUS helped you through the loss. But, if my assumptions are correct, JESUS has made up for it in thousands of ways, His ways are higher than our ways. I know Keith's life, ministry & music has blessed my wife, kids, and myself in so many ways. Thank you Melody for this opportunity to share the power of GOD through a life surrendered to our LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Keith will definitely encourage my life to grow in JESUS & follow hard after our LORD.
May the LORD Bless you, your family, and all those who are close to you, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN
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