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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

KGPhotos-6 Keith at the Bla Bla KGPhotos-3 KGPhotos-20 Performing a Wedding 1982 KGPhotos-31 KGPhotos-36 KGPhotos-22

What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

After telling your story scroll back to bottom — to click "share" — so your friends can comment on this Page too!

We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
The LEGACY PACKAGE and The LIFE COLLECTION — On sale now in the LDM Store
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MARY L PHILLIPS (Guest) 07/24/2013 20:45
I believe he was already gone but still played a big part in my life. My oldest daughter was in her teens I could not stand any of her music and she said she didn't like Christian music then I found Keith's music bought all I could find and gave it to her she fell in love with his music later (I don't know how long went by) we found out he was gone and it broke her heart. Even when she was doing her own thing she still loved his music. She is now 35 and following our Lord.
Lori Unruh (Guest) 07/24/2013 21:44
The first time I ever heard Keith's music was minutes after hearing my Grandmother passed away, in 1999. I ran to my room and my music alarm clock was playing, "I Make My Life A Prayer To You". I completely stopped in my tracks. I called the station to find out the Artist and was told, "Keith Green". Being a Live Concert lover I immediately began to find out where he would be playing my astonishment, my sister said he had passed away many years prior. I couldn't believe how current and relevant his music sounded. I had to have more. I bought several CDs and listened to all of it, everyday. Then I bought the book, No Compromise. I read the entire book in one day. Then I read it again. Years passed and I was faced with my first introduction to cancer - inside a dear friend of mine, Jaime Burbano, from Colombia. I met "Jimmy" during 9/11 in NY where I was a Red Cross volunteer. I was his caseworker and we connected instantly. He spoke so lovingly of his wife and two daughters and I sent him home with stuffed animals for the girls, as well as needed resources to get them back on their feet. He was a Limo driver for Cantor Fitzgerald, and now unemployed. I kept in constant contact with all of them, even having them at my wedding in 2006. That was the last picture I have of me and Jimmy and his family. He was struck with cancer a few years later, and rather than tell me, he fought through the worst of times nearly alone. By the time I was notified of how dire things were, he had only days to live. I packed my bags and drove straight to the hospital. Other than some overnight clothes, I brought only my Khalil Gibran book, "The Prophet", and Keith's CD. I asked to be with him alone and spent an entire night playing "The Lord is my Shepherd"....over and over and over, and holding his hand. I departed and was called early the next day to hear he had passed. To this day, Keith's music is the ONLY comfort I found to get me through that life event. I feel blessed to know his music, his story, his legacy. When my time comes, I have it written to play "I Make My Life A Prayer To You" at my service. It is THAT important to me. Thank you Melody...Thank you Keith.
Jordan Strang (Guest) 07/24/2013 23:20
I've only been listening to Keith Green since Resurrection Day of this year. I'm a young guy and a pianist, so I was quite captivated by the songs I'd heard. Then, as I started listening to more of his music, I was hit with just what type of a man this was. He genuinely loved God and was completely intent on pleasing Him. He hated sin with a passion. I decided that I wanted my music to reflect the same things Mr. Green's did. I have started writing songs since then, and I say it's kudos to Keith Green for getting me started.

When I get to Heaven, he's going to be one of the first people I want to meet!
Daniel Hale, Newport, Oregon (Guest) 07/25/2013 02:54
God used Keith and Melody's worship to help confirm my salvation as they sang the Word on one side of a cassette-the other had Maranatha Praise 2. They encouraged my spirit and heart that were both worn down from my own drug use, and from loving a young lady who was addicted to cocaine, my Wife. The Prodigal Son Suite was perhaps the most powerful of that collection given to me by a worship leader from one of our local churches in Hayfork, CA, Geno, and another new Brother in the Lord, Bill, a very rowdy metal player for Jesus. My late Wife also listened to those songs intently just days before she gave her heart to Jesus 5 months later. Unfortunately, her addiction took her life shortly after that, but not before she confessed Christ as her Savior. That K&M Green cassette further gave me hope for the future though my Son had lost his Mom. God be praised!
Esther, North East Texas (Guest) 07/25/2013 03:05
I remember listening to Keith's music when a was barely a teen... I remember bawling my eyes out after hearing about the plane crash. I was really upset about it because I couldn't understand why God had taken him... when I thought that he was needed so much here. I started not just listening to Keith's music, I started Hearing and Understanding the messages each song had. I started wondering what kind of relationship Keith had with God that made him long and yearn for God so Much. That is when I started wanting to understand how people could have such a close relationship with God. It wasn't until many years later that I truly found out what a Real Relationship with God really is about. Because of Keith a Seed was Planted and I am Truly Grateful that it was.

My favorite songs of his are "So you wanna go back to Egypt" and "I can't wait to get to heaven". The song "I can't wait to get to heaven" is such a calming song to me. It reminds me of all the Beauty that God has given us here and how much he deeply loves us. God Bless you Melody for all of the work you are doing to keep this Legacy of A Love For God Alive.
Jason Adams, Reno NV (Guest) 07/25/2013 03:31
It was Keith's testimony that impacted me the most. I had grown up in church, but had seen things, especially as a teenager, that turned me bitter against the church (as a whole), making me wonder if ANY Christians were truly sincere in their faith. What I saw in the church caused me to stop attending church, and I dropped out of fellowship with most Christians. One day around 1989 or 1990, when I was about 19 or 20, I just happened to flip through the radio, and I heard someone reading a story. I stopped to listen. It was the story about a Christian who didn't seem to care what the world (or even what the "church") thought about him and his bold Christian witness. I tuned in every night to hear another chapter of this "story" -- and I soon found out this was a TRUE story (NO COMPROMISE) about a true Christian, Keith Green. I went and bought the book so I could read it for myself. That's when I decided it didn't matter what other so-called Christians were doing; I was going to do what I knew was right (as a Christian) -- get into God's Word, seek the Lord in prayer, and live out my life fully for the Lord, no matter what others might think. Keith's testimony brought me back into the "fold" (not only to be a witness to the world but to (hopefully) be a good example to other Christians as well). It's been Keith's music and message that has often inspired me to continue to be sincere in my walk with the Lord in the midst of both sheep and goats.
Teri Bjorklund (Guest) 07/25/2013 03:58
My Husband may be joining all our loved ones in Heaven if a miracle doesn't change what the doctors believe is inevitable. My Hubby of 33 yrs has secondary liver cancer. We've been told that we need to give our home of 20 yrs back to the bank .so we've purchased a mobile home and our church family has donated a furnace and heat pump and installation. Also a brother has done new tile in the baths and we've had so many more helping out with anything and everything you can imagine.
Our 29 yr old son has put his job at a Christian conference center on hold to be able to head up the remodeling.
My son and i have spent many hours laughing and praying and crying and talking .
I'm 55 so I know we won't be separated long, and since our Lord numbers our days I'm not worried. The only thing that concerns me is that we have been playing Keith's greatest hits, over and over again as we work on the house. I love being so ministered by it but I wonder if I'll be able to listen to it again. I might have to take a Keith break for awhile. Just to get through all the emotions. My Hubby is a lucky dog... I'd trade places with him in a second. But that's not my call. I really appreciate your strength Melody, how you've kept on keeping on. You are a real encouragement to me cause I know where your strength lies. He has not failed me...because He cannot. Regardless of how I feel, the heart can be deceptive at these times. Even if my heart betrays me God is Greater than my heart! Thank you for your ministry
Rev. Sammy Joseph (Guest) 07/25/2013 04:02
Keith's music is profound and timeless. Ministries are meant to out-live the minister ... {Could have been one of your LDM trainees in 1985 Lindale, TX on the ranch - I still possess the letter offering me a place! :)}
Sarah Vile 07/25/2013 04:11
I saw Keith in Glens Falls, NY shortly before he died in the plane crash in late July 1982, and again at a Memorial Service shortly after his death. I recommitted my life at the Memorial Concert with a Youth With A Mission Altar Call following the regular altar call. I spent some time with YWAM and am blessed by their ministry as well as by Keith's! Ever since his music came out, and was available, I have been buying it, listening to it, singing it, sharing it and I pray living it as well. I am now much older and wiser and have kids of my own who have been exposed to his music through me and I pray it continues to be passed from generation to generation as I have done so that the work of The Lord he lived to serve may continue on even in his death! The Keith Green music that i have is on LP's and early Cassette Tapes, so you can bet i will be replacing these as soon as I have the means to. in the meantime, we rotate what we listen to, although if my kids had a favorite, it would be So you want to go back to Egypt by far hands down!!! i personally love his jesus Commands us to go Album, although its not a favorite as I LOVE ALL his music equally. Not one album is better than another, just touches me differently at different phases or stages in my life depending on what I am going through and needing to hear from God at that time! He was way ahead of his time and wiser beyond his years. It was devastating to hear of the loss of such a gifted musician at the time of his death, but as I am sure many who have lived through it can attest, his works have accomplished far more than ever imagined since his death. I definitely won't say that justifies his death, but it sure puts many things in perspective 30 years later! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD! He is definitely in control. Praise God his ministry is able to live on and continue through the work of his devoted wife Melody! Thank you for continuing his life's witness and goal! There is no tribute as strong! God Bless Last Days Ministries now and always for all that they mean and do to further Your kingdom!
Mike Devereux (In the UK) (Guest) 07/25/2013 04:21
Well, like so many people, Keith was the first Christian music I was introduced to when I got saved in 1982. Sheep and the goats! What a way to start!! His ministry impacted my life then, and still does now. It became part of who I am. Way before the internet and cell phones, I contacted Melody the old fashioned way, through the postal system, and was blessed with a personal response back. It would have been great to meet Keith - and one day I will. In the meantime, I'll continue listening to his songs which encourage and challenge at the same time. Thank you Melody and all at LDM.
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