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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

KGPhotos-6 Keith at the Bla Bla KGPhotos-3 KGPhotos-20 Performing a Wedding 1982 KGPhotos-31 KGPhotos-36 KGPhotos-22

What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

After telling your story scroll back to bottom — to click "share" — so your friends can comment on this Page too!

We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
The LEGACY PACKAGE and The LIFE COLLECTION — On sale now in the LDM Store
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Tom Paterson (Guest) 07/25/2013 09:34
Oops I meant to say FIRST christian album!
April R. Boneski (Guest) 07/25/2013 09:47
Keith was a favorite, calling me to honor the Lord, give my life with abandon, and be fearlessly committed to Jesus.

I had the joy of seeing him in concert in Vancouver, Wasington, and listened to his music on my records often, my heart being moved and transformed.

My favorite story is of friends knocking on his trailer/camper door during a tour, and him peeking out saying, "Hellooooo," in a funny voice. A down-to-earth brother, with an amazing heart.
Craig Miller (Guest) 07/25/2013 09:53
Keith's music and ministry kept me thinking about the things of God while I was still pursuing the world. I graduated high school in 1982...claiming to be a Christian (but not living it). I now tell my family how the message in Keith's songs spoke to my heart. And God used that (and a testimony of another man) to draw me to Himself. I became a Christian in December, 1982. My daughter (I have two sons as well) gave me the No Compromise book (Legacy Edition) and the Ultimate Collection CD (and DVD). We watched the DVD as a family (including my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law). I was able to share how Keith's music was different. Keith listened to God and challenged the world. I am not a musician, but I am a youth sponsor at church...and I endeavor to listen to God and challenge our teens. The beauty of ministry is that it is the ministry of Christ. Thank you for the Ultimate Collection! It is getting a lot of play time around my house. :)
Chris Parsons (Southern IL) (Guest) 07/25/2013 10:01
A friend of mine gave me a copy of keiths biography gave me a great perspective on his mind and life. I than went in search for some albums of keith green, in one day I found 4 keith green lps, barely see them around since.Keith had a good heart that people wanted to be around. Including Jesus.
Laura Jones (Guest) 07/25/2013 10:13
When I got saved in 1980 a friend of mine gave one of Keith's albums to me. It was such an amazing gift and an incredible blessing! I will never forget the song "So You Want to Go Back to Egypt". And to this day my family still pronounces banana bread as "bamanna bread". Keith's music was such an important part of my early walk with Jesus.
Torie Fritz (Grand Rapids, MI) (Guest) 07/25/2013 10:18
My father became a christian in his early twenties, and listening to Keith's music was one of the strongest influences on his faith as he grew. My parents both love the music, it impacted them so much they made sure we experienced it as well when we were young up until now, when I choose to listen myself. Listening to this music is an experience I cannot describe, convicting, uplifting, a challenge to push myself towards growing in Christ more and more. I started listening to the music with intent when I owned my faith as a young adult, and am incredibly thankful for Melody and Keith's mission and music; Jesus truly speaks through the music and the mission. I thank God that I have the music to listen to and push me forward in my faith, it is truly a blessing.
Margaret Leonard (Guest) 07/25/2013 10:33
I honestly don't remember buying my first Keith Green record album and don't know how it got in my closet, but one day,about 29 years ago, after my daughter and son had left for school, I found the album and listened to it and cried and cried. It was the one Melody had written the notes for that told about Keith after he had died. I have since purchased every album he made, and then got them again as audio tapes and again as CDs. My children grew up in a home that had Keith's music playing all the time. Keith's messages and songs are timeless and I credit him, even after death, for helping me raise good Christian children. My husband, son and I are all involved in prison ministry and I take every opportunity I can to play his music. Prodigal Son is one of my very favorites.
Phil Stough (Guest) 07/25/2013 11:27
I went to a concert in Ames Ia not long after coming to believe in '81. Just amazed at the fellowship of the Spirit that came about throughout the evening. Like nothing I had experienced before. Such a glimpse of how life was meant to be. Keiths music led me to sign up for the Last Days newsletter. Such a learning experience. Like most folks we were just shocked at first with his call home as we struggled to see Gods will in all this but yet...there it was. Keith and all those that believe just got there before us with eternity with the Lord our common destination. Still listen to Keiths music regularly....just became a part of my life...the Spirit within rejoices "when the praises start." :)
Cathy Beaven-Klapstein (Guest) 07/25/2013 11:45
When I met Keith he was already in heaven. I was a baby Christian and totally on fire for God's Kingdom. Keith's songs were so in line with my heart that it was like they 'discipled' me. Make My Life a Prayer for You is my favorite.
Michelle Besser (Guest) 07/25/2013 11:45
I would have to say that Keith Green's music and lyrics have impact me and my walk with Christ more than any other Christian artist thus far!!! His fervancy and authenticity speaks volumes!!!

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