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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

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What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

After telling your story scroll back to bottom — to click "share" — so your friends can comment on this Page too!

We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
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Alicia Renkema 07/25/2013 20:45
I hardly know what to write after all of these years... I have tears in my eyes as I reflect on the many ways and times that I as well as my now 30 year old son have been impacted by Keith's music. It all began in a tiny apartment in Scotch plains NJ when I first started receiving the Last Day News colorful, down to earth and radical magazine. I can't even remember how I got on that list, but it was a true blessing from heaven. Although all of Keith's music effects me, making me laugh, cry or both, "Asleep in the Light" has always been my favorite. It convicts me right down to my core!! I was blessed enough to be able to go to a concert of Keith's in 1979 in South Jersey. I really don't remember much of that concert music-wise, oddly enough. What I do remember is how after Keith explained how the ministry table would work (back in the day when there were only albums and cassettes, haha), that he wanted people to put in whatever they could afford -- either putting in nothing, .50, 5.00 or 50.00 if the Lord had blessed you abundantly and you could put in extra for somebody else... Then the coolest thing happened -- everyone began to put into the bucket or whatever container they had available exactly I believe what the Lord was instructing them to put in. It was just like in the book of Acts where the body was working together, and everyone was sharing for the good of everyone else. There have been so many things, I couldn't possibly list them all here. My son has Schizoaffective disorder and if it weren't for Keith's music, I know he would more lonely. Keith's music and testimony mean a lot to my son. He feels like he has a spiritual older brother in Keith. My son has no siblings so I am very thankful to Keith and the Lord for using Keith in this way. He just told me that he will not bow out of the human race because of Keith's example. I cried like a baby the morning I found out about Keith, the children and the other family with the crash that July day. I was on my way to babysit a family whose mom was going in for a scheduled Caesarean section that day and was listening to my local Christian radio station. I sobbed the rest of the way there and could not get my mind around what I had just heard. Melody, I longed to give you a hug that day, you and your child, and prayed for you both along with the one you were expecting, was that Rachael? I get your lovely daughters mixed up sometimes, forgive me. You guys will be on my heart again on Sunday as I know how tough those anniversary's can be. I lost my dad to suicide on July 19,1974 and that date of course has just recently passed. God's precious Holy Spirit, the word and many of Keith's wonderful songs have given me the peace I have needed to see it through to one more day. With the exception of that one song I mentioned previously, my favorite album I think is the last one he did. Holy, Holy, Holy is such a precious arrangement. Much love to you all, Alicia
Dallas Atkins Australia (Guest) 07/25/2013 20:47
Back in the late 70's when I asked The Lord into my life I had trouble finding music to replace my worldly rock. Some people gave me records they liked but it just want right. Jimmy Swaggart and such to a young 16 year old rocker NOT. Finally someone who was wise played me three artists and they were Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill and Keith Green. There influence in my music career have been essential as I grew and learned from their lyrics and and Spiritual talent.

God challenged me to think and grow as Keith's music touched my soul and the Holy Spirit used it to teach me. Now as I travel and share the Gospel I Know that Keith's influence is coming through, reaching souls for the Kingdom. I pray that I can be an influence in up coming Christian artists here in Australia as Keith was and still is today.

When I'm on the road travelling to my next outreach concert. Keith is cranked up coming through loud and clear. May Gods voice come through loud and clear to all here reading this today and remember NO COMPROMISE
Brian (Guest) 07/25/2013 20:53
Songs for the Shepherd came out when I was in high school. Our entire youth group fell in love with the songs and we learned and sang them all. The impact of the lyrics of those songs made a huge impact on the teenagers in the small town of Harlan, Kentucky.
Vi Hince (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:00
In 1981 /82 I gave my heart to Jesus, the very first Christian music I heard was Keith's. I was a single mom and was so grateful to be able to receive Keith's music for what I could afford, which wasn't a whole lot. ( thank you). I memorized Keith's songs as well as many verses from the Bible.
Keith's music moved me deeply, his words went deep into my heart and brought encouragement and conviction. I can't say I have a favourite song, I love them all !!
Over the past 30 years I have shared Keith's music with so many people. Keith's gift of music is ageless, the messages in his songs speaks to the heart in this generation as it did 30 years ago.
There are a lot of great musicians out there, more than there were 30 years ago but there is only one Keith. I hope he is singing in heaven, I look forward to seeing and listening to him there one day. I also look forward to seeing you one day also Melody, you both are awesome.

Andrew G (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:01
I was not fortunate to have been able to enjoy Keith the way many have due to my age. Born in 1978 I missed out on the joy of his presence on this earth. I have been listening to his music for decades now, since I was a young child and have read his life story many times over. He has impacted my life more than you can imagine through his music and the journey of trials and faith he embarked on each day. What an amazing man, with so much passion, love for people, and above all love for our Lord and Savior. I reflect daily on the many stories of amazing faith and ultimate dedication to the Lord and his work here on earth. His life encourages me each day to hold steadfast and live a completely "no compromise" life. I believe in that and attempt to live it each day with many failures. I could write a book detailing his impact on my life but words could never fully express what it has meant to me for the last 25 years. I thank you Melody for continuing on the work that Keith believed in and lived for and I pray the Lord blesses you and your family for all you have done and been a part of. The quest to reach souls for Christ is what Keith believed in and wanted so desperately to shout out to the world. This is one life that has been moulded for Christ in part due to Keith and his ministry. I can't wait to talk with him in heaven. Thank you again and God Bless.
Angie Kolsch (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:02
I have called myself a " Keith Green-ite" since the beginning of my pilgrimage with Christ 33 years ago. My friend Charlotte introduced me to Last Day's Ministries as a young Christian. Couldn't wait to get the next Last Days Newsletter in the mail. I still have the original magazines. Eventually, the Lord gave me the opportunity to set up a tract rack of Last Days tracts in my church student ministry building. I started an exercise ministry in those early days. Most of the music came from the latest Keith Green album.There are so many stories I could share about his music, but here are two. A woman who did not understand this exercise ministry confronted me once after doing leg lifts to " Who Ya Gonna Throw in the Lake of Fire" saying: " What does God have to do with exercise?" Keith's passion for souls certainly inspired me and I shared in his zealousness in many ways. The second story is a precious treasure that many will never forget. A group of families, moms and friends gathered around the deathbed of twenty year old Ryan. Everyone, including his own parents were worshiping, eyes closed in the powerful presence of the Lord in that room. My daughter Kelley began singing a cappella " There is a Redeemer" ( your song I recall, Melody).When the 4th verse came I opened my eyes to check on Ryan. Everyone else still had their eyes closed. Ryan had passed into the arms of Jesus to the words: "When I stand in glory I will see your face, and there I'll serve my King forever in that glorious place". A beautiful, holy time that remains buried in our hearts.
How often I have marveled over the years in the way God's anointing remains so timelessly upon Keith's music... from generation to generation. My children are now grown, and all of them remain Keith Green fans. They grew up in a home surrounded by his music. Thank you Melody for honoring Keith in this way. Your love for him is so evident.
Adam Compeau (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:09
Most of the piano tunes I play are Keith Green tunes. I do play originals and a few others, but the majority are from Keith. I also have been influenced by the servant nature he displayed and hope to perform with that in mind at all times.
The No Compromise book made a permanent impact on my life and those around as well as his music did! God is good. Adam at

(Guest) 07/25/2013 21:25
Keith was one of the first "Christian" artists that truly moved my soul in contemporary worship.
Pastor Al son was born 3days later.
Rev Richard Briggs (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:44
I was a student at East Texas Bible Collage with RW Schambach in Tyler Texas, (just across the field where the plane went down that evening ) when we heard the news I cried because I had lost a great friend, Brother in the Lord...but God did some wonderful things for me because of a vision I had while laying on the dirt road at the school, He will always carry us beyond our greatest grief to a place of pure worship if we let Him......
Carter Shotwell (Guest) 07/25/2013 21:55
I have been worshipping to Keith's music for 30+ years, I did so today. He is still the best Christian artist in my book. His music is challenging, thought provoking and moving. I have been in the ministry for 32 years and currently serve at a large church in the Dallas area. I write the Bible study lessons for small groups and refer to his music often in the lessons
My kids know all of his music because every time we went on a road trip they heard me signing it. My son is a musician and has said that Keith's music has influenced him. I am eternally grateful to you and Keith for your ministry in my life. I can only imagine the impact he would be having if he were still alive and I am amazed by his impact even after his home going. Keep carrying his message and I will continue to introduce others to your ministry.
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