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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

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What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

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We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
The LEGACY PACKAGE and The LIFE COLLECTION — On sale now in the LDM Store
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John v thomas (Guest) 07/26/2013 02:15
Hi I came to know jesus in 77. The very first music to have was Keith green No Compromise , those days we could never get hold of christian music in india , my friend who was in U.S , came down to India and here I was presented with a audio cassette which was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keith green influence was very great I used to listen and get in to a mode of prayer , later I got the other audio cassette , songs of the shepherd too influenced me , many more if it was not for those godly music , my spiritual journey would be incomplete even now Keith green music plays great importance in my spiritual life, he was my spiritual mentor. If I'm in a church of 22000 as an executive pastor I can easily attribute to the early godly formation of Keith green. His reward in heaven will be innumerable of those who have been blessed by his godly music . Revjohnthomas
Emilyanne (Guest) 07/26/2013 02:27
I was at Keith's last concert...I knew of him and some of his music before that thanks to doing some of his songs in my Christian school choir. I hadn't really cared for the songs we did, but when I saw and heard him in concert my whole idea of how to live for Jesus changed. He has continued to deeply affect my walk with God over the years - including through the biography. I don't believe I would be the person I am today without having been at that concert. Thank You, God, for such a challenging example!
Blessing Okere (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:04
The ministry led by Keith and Melody has been very influential in shaping my desire to seek and follow after God.

I came to know the Lord at age 13, at a high school fellowship in Abuja Nigeria, in 1988... long after Keith's passing. His music ministered to me in so many ways and partly inspired my decision also dedicate my life to ministering to others and winning souls through music.

Sometime 1990, When I learnt that he had passed away years before, I mourned as if it had just happened.

I listen to Keith's music regularly. My favourite songs are "So you wanna go back to Egypt?", "Lord you are beautiful" , "My eyes dried" and "No compromise".

I hope to cover some of Keith's songs in subsequent albums I put out.

Thanks Melody for staying true to God's calling, keeping LDM going and for being a blessing to us
Teresa Lopiccolo (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:07
My husband David and I were rolling south in the Sierra mountains, heading for Los Angeles, the first time Kieth's music drifted in, like the God-sent song of an Angel over the airwaves. We had never heard his music before and in fact, didn't even know who he was. The radio station played one song after the other, and we were amazed and delighted to hear the fresh, contemporary music with such deeply meaningful words. When we got back to Fresno, I went straight to the bible book store to see if anyone might help me find his music. I remembered some of the words to one of the songs: "you put this love in my heart"... "OH!" somebody said, "you mean Kieth green!" They brought out the very song I had quoted, and played it for me... I was BESIDE myself with joy and excitement, because now, I would buy everything he ever did, and share his music with all of my Baptist brethren who had never heard anything like this before; I couldn't wait. :)
Time went by, and my husband took his first church. Being a musician myself and a songwriter, I was particularly interested in meaningful lyrics. Kieth was a real inspiration for me. At a time in my life when I needed to know someone actually was committed and wanted more of God than just what we are told we can have, I was so delighted to hear in his songs, that I was right about that. The level of commitment, the sincerity of his music, the worshipful, meaningful, adoring lyrics, enraptured me.. and I knew that his life was lived as it was, not only to make him popular, but as he often stated, to Glorify and Adore the Lord Jesus; not just with words, but by living our faith. My children also were musically inclined; and by the time our son David II was seven years old, he began to sing, write his own songs and wanted to learn to play instruments. I had taught myself to play guitar as a teenager and now the piano, and of course, Kieth was my roll model, while God was my teacher. I taught David everything I knew about piano chording. Then one day, when I thought he had learned his scales well enough, I took my little record player out to the sanctuary (we lived in the parsonage next to the church) and brought out the "FOR HE WHO HATH EARS TO HEAR album, put it on, made him listen to the first song, and then calmly said, "OK David... learn this song. Pray about it, listen to it, and then, play it... you CAN DO THIS." David (eight years old)didn't question my logic at all. I sat on the front pew and watched the magic... he'd play a little of it, then take the needle off the record, and play the chords, until he got them dead-on perfect, Then, he would move on to the next section of the song. I watched him repeat this process for about 25 minutes... and then, suddenly, he turned off the record player, sat down, and played the song NOTE FOR NOTE... no kidding. I wept. Since then, David has spent his life learning every Kieth green song, including prodigal suite which he played flawlessly when he was nine. David is an amazing musician and songwriter, unlike anyone since kieth, and I say this not because he's my son. The anointing on David's life is clearly recognized by all who love him. David says he always looked to Kieth as a sort of Spiritual father to him through the years, because of the music but also the "no compromise" attitude,and spiritual convictions they have in common. I have to agree. last days ministries was a big part of our lives back then, and has held a respected place in our lives, since. It inspired David to start his own ministry, BRUISED HEEL MINISTRIES, which is still going among several of our churches in California, today. Thanks for the inspiration, the music, and above all else, the Word of God, so uncompromisingly shared throughout the years.
Beth Edwards (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:15
My husband and I had the privilege of being concert directors for one of Keith's concerts in Nashville, TN in 1982 just months before his death. We worked closely with Last Days; 3 of the men from there, one was Don the pilot that was killed, came to our little town in Murfreesboro, TN to meet with us and visit for the weekend. My husband, Barry, and I were introduced to the ministry in the late 70's. We received tremendous teaching through Keith and others...Ravenhill, Pratney..etc...We met Keith and Melody, Josiah and Rachael when they flew into Nashville one Friday afternoon in March, 1982...Later in the afternoon, Keith went to the Vanderbilt arena to practice and I and a friend were in the auditorium alone as he played and sang preparing for the evening concert. I will never forget it as long as I live. It was a little piece of heaven...sitting there and listening in on this talented, Godly man...What a blessing to have had this experience. The day after the concert, Keith, Melody and the kids took us for lunch...I remember his deep affection for chocolate!...He said ..."I don't think God will give me another God, I think it is His will to experience one son like He did"...and sure enough this was true. He and Melody were generous and loving...totally devoted to God's service.
Meredith Swift (Guest) (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:16
I have just finished reading "No Compromise" and feel so very inspired by all that God achieved through Keith. I related to Keith's intense nature, his journal writing and also to his spiritual struggles before giving his heart to the Lord. I too had many years of trying to find out "why I was here" via drugs and New Age philosophy, alternative healing and the like. I was 50 when I gave my heart to Jesus three and a half years ago and finally, after so many years in the wilderness, I found what I was seeking. My husband and I and our two children have now all given our hearts to the Lord and my husband and I take every opportunity to serve God - not just through our Church but through our everyday experiences - and it is one intense ride. Reading about Keith's journey has given me a real sense of urgency about the spiritual battle we are fighting and how God wants us to spread the gospel message. Nothing is more important. Also, I have started listening to Keith's music and have ordered a "Best of" CD which I have yet to receive. Years ago, in the 70s, I heard a song sung by one of our Australian singers (I am Australian) called Marcia Hines and it was "Until Your Love Broke Through". Finding Jesus really was like "waking up from the longest dream". I remembered that song and when I realised it was Keith's song I thought "wow, I must listen to more of his music". My heart also went out to you Melody - I cannot imagine the grief you must have felt when your children and Keith went to be with the Lord. Your journey is also very inspiring to me. The strength you draw from the Lord is so real in "No Compromise". I give thanks to the Lord for the scales falling from my eyes and I give thanks to the Lord for hugely inspiring servants like Keith and Melody. I am looking forward to being with Jesus in Heaven and to meet Keith one day. Until that day I will pray to God to use me and the giftings he has given me. My hope is that I will be as fearless and honest a warrior as Keith Green.
Kenny Jackson (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:21
I was like 18-years old. Been a Christian for about 1-year. Grew really fast in the Word, but was week in the relationships category of life. Was on my way someplace with every intention of totally disobeying the Lord -- The lure of pleasure was too strong to resist. Had "No Compromise" going on the car stereo-singin' along with Keith. Got to the destination of sin. All my plans fell through. Turned the car around and Keith's music plus my tears of conviction and repentance took me all the way home.

Thanks Melody. You are a big part of what made Keith who he was.
Randy Goudeau, Jr. (Guest) 07/26/2013 03:45
In 1990 I became a believer. I was 16 years old and so hungry for Jesus. I found an old tape my parents had of Keith, 'Songs for the Shepherd'. I wore it out. I only thought of Keith as a sweet worship kind of a guy. I had no idea he had lost his life in a plane crash. I was speaking with a friend and he brought up Keith's name and I began to comment about what a 'nice' guy he was. My friend laughed and said there was more to Keith than being a nice guy. I told him he was crazy. Well...long story short, he gave me an article written by Keith and a copy of 'So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt'. BAM! My world was forever rocked. I wrote a letter to Melody thanking her for continuing the legacy and letting her know I was a new believer and a teenager. I sent my condolences as I felt so sad he was no longer here (tho...he being dead yet speaks). Needless to say I was ecstatic when I arrived home a couple of weeks later and found a box on my bed my Mama put from the mail. Inside was a sweet letter from Melody along with a copy of every article written at that time, along with several Last Days Magazine's. This became my discipleship course. By the grace of God I spent several years ministering to teenagers and college students and turned on hundreds if not thousands to the prophetic music of Keith Green. Thank you Melody for giving us this opportunity!
George Falconer ( Uk) (Guest) 07/26/2013 04:06
I started receiving the Last Days Magazine. I also got the music albums. Keiths final article, "Why You should Go to the Mission Field", in part led me to where I am now. I did a lot of Scripture Union summer missions with my church and One YWAM one with another church. I also worked with Tot Hiel Des Volks ( Salvation for the People) in a christian Youth Hostel in the red light district of Amsterdam. I have so far spent 19 years with Operation Mobilisation, a large christian mission society. We are in 110 countries. We have a ship called, "Logos Hope" and if you google for George Verwer or Operation Mobilisation, you will find us.
MILAGROS DATILES (Guest) 07/26/2013 04:14
I thank God for your resource materials that has nourished me when our church was still an underground Christian gathering in the most strictest of places in the open practice of Biblical Christianity, Saudi Arabia.
Because of the LAst day tracts that made me stronger in my walk with GOD and the Keith Green DVDs, amazingly the Good Shepherd used your ministry to be my Shepherd's equipping to me and all the underground believers there in SAUDI ARABIA.God has used your ministry mightily without you realizing it bec. you offered the ONLY AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD back then 1990's onward and now I am in Canada , I still feel the anointing in all the mateirals that God raised your ministy to use to equip His people in the most persecuted place/s on earth.
Please cont and be encouraged for when Jesus comes, you will indeed have a great reward for your faithfulness in doing God's work while awaiting His return.
Your sister in Christ,
May Datiles JIL
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