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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

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What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

After telling your story scroll back to bottom — to click "share" — so your friends can comment on this Page too!

We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
The LEGACY PACKAGE and The LIFE COLLECTION — On sale now in the LDM Store
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Joseph Valentini (Guest) 07/27/2013 22:15
I was attending Northeastern Bible College, and was an usher for Keith's Live Concert at the Bible College. I met him in person with his son Josiah on the stage. I was blessed by his compassion and love for the Lord in his life and songs. Through out my high school days, before College, his music and fire for the Lord was very contagious and spread to me; I played my drums listening to every album I have of his, and to this day, still play the drums to his music and songs. Thank you, Lord for using my brother in Christ, Keith, to inspire me to follow you with all my heart.
Doug Drysdale (Guest) 07/28/2013 01:18
I just joined the Navy in July of 1982 a week before keith went home to be with the lord a friend give me a tape by keith call I wanna go back to Egypt.
I listen to everyday his music was filled with the Holy Spirit. I gvie my life to Jesus two weeks later and my life was never the same. I don't find out about Keith going home until three months later. I thank are Lord for the time Keith was here and his music his message. I can't wait until I am home with the lord to meet keith and hung him. I wish we had more time with him but I know I will see him in heaven Thank you Jesus for Keith Green Love in Christ to all.
Julie Waterman (in Japan) (Guest) 07/28/2013 05:24
I was introduced to Keith's music at a Lutheran Bible School in Southern California in 1980. I loved it from the beginning - the driving beat on the piano and the deeply-felt lyrics that drew me to want to give myself more fully to the Lord Jesus. My friends joked that I was high on Keith's music since that's all I wanted to listen to. I got to take my youth group to one of his last concerts in Long Beach, CA and I stood when he called for commitment. I went forward wanting to be "sold-out" to Jesus as Keith put it.
I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about his death on the radio. So shocked and sad yet I knew he was with the Lord and that probably there are pianos in heaven!
The Lord used his pamphlet about world missions to bring me to a point of being ready to go. I had the opportunity to go to Japan shortly after that and have been here 17 years now. I tell my students about him when they ask who my favorite singer is and one of them looked him up on YouTube! I've played and sung some of his songs at worship events here in Japan as well.
I've read "No Compromise," given his CDs to my niece and nephews, and am praying for you all as you work on the film. Glory be to Jesus!
Donna (Guest) 07/28/2013 05:42
My husband and I were newly married and new in Christ when we were first introduced to Keith's music and the Last Days News letter. What an exciting time in our life. I remember sharing Keith's music & messages with everyone that would listen. I was expecting our first child when Keith went to be with The Lord. I named her Bethany. Today my grown children listen to and are inspired by Keith's music.
Melody you continue to inspire me. You are truly an amazing woman of God!
Melanie Mcleggan (Guest) 07/28/2013 07:33
In the early 1990's I attended small bible college in Texas and was intoduced to Keith's music. It was and is so beautiful and inspiring that it was pretty much all I listened to. I was a teen and God used Keith's music and prophetic voice to speak to me while 20 years later, he is still one of my favorite artists. I am still touched deeply by the words of his songs and listen to him continually. His life, book and music has inspired me to write music and flow with the" No Compromised" voice that is so needed in our world today. Thank you melody for keeping the legacy of our beloved brother alive. You are also a huge inspiration and I appreciate all that you do!!!
Stan Clark (Guest) 07/28/2013 09:09
I was 14 when I asked Jesus into my life and while there were no bells or whistles to speak of I knew something was different. I was incredibly hungry for the Word and wanted more and more of Jesus in my life because I knew His love was changing me. But after a while I felt that I was needing something more, that my faith needed to be challenged for me to grow. And that is when Keith's music was introduced into my life. His message challenged me in ways that I never expected. There was a whole world out there that needed Jesus just as I did and it forced me out of my comfort zone. I thank God for Keith's life and message of "No Compromise" as well as your ministry that continues to ripple through my life today. Thanks Keith, see you soon, my brother!
Julie Normand (Guest) 07/28/2013 09:24
My husband and I were just married in 1976, we came across the Last Days Newsletter. It so awakened our spirits! We couldn't wait for each and every one. Keith's Life drew us to a commitment to our Lord. Right after he went to be with the Lord we saw you, Melody, at an event. There was a call to total commitment, my husband and I stood up to answer that call, we joined your neighbors in missions. I can't think of Keith, his words, his music without remembering the beginning's of my Life in the Lord. I often remind the Lord of that time.
LaToya (Guest) 07/28/2013 10:13
You cannot read Keith’s life story or listen to his music and not come away challenged and convicted as he was a man who gave the Lord the preeminent position in his life at all times. To find a willingness and a heart to serve in the Lord as Keith did is nigh impossible today, and he has been such a blessing to me throughout my Christian walk and taught me so much.
“It wasn’t perfection that drew you to Keith’s music or to him for that matter. It was heart.” – No Compromise
Bret Trasamar (Guest) 07/28/2013 11:45
I am extremely thankful that God used Keith in my life. I was introduced to his music within a few days of my conversion. My girlfriend and I had just gotten engaged and were living together trying to "clean up our act" when Jesus became the most important person in our lives. God gave us the grace to live celibately until we got married. Some friends loaned us "No Compromise," and we literally wore the tape out. We took the messages of the songs to heart, and I have to say that Keith probably influenced our walk with Jesus at that time more than our pastor or any of our Chritian friends. We became sold out and radical. Eventually we served the Lord on the mission field after years of street ministry, etc. I thank God for Keith's passion and the gifts tha God place in his life.
Carrie Green (Guest) 07/28/2013 11:54
God used Keith's music to impact my life as a young Christian in 1994. I would soak and worship the Lord to it, alone in my apartment. I had such encounters with the Lord through Keith's music, it's so anointed.
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