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Still Speaking after 31 Years in Heaven

Share Your Memories of Keith Green

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We want to give everyone an opportunity to share their memories of how Jesus used Keith to impact their life.  And gather all the stories in one place for everyone to enjoy. 

Keith sure impacted my life.  After Jesus, he was my biggest influence.  Keith modeled giving everything to Jesus, not wanting celebrity, caring for the poor, taking people off the streets, and reaching into prisons.  We did that from the start together. 

I would love to know what your story is.  How did Keith impact your life?  Were you at a concert?  Was it through the music?  Are you in ministry?  On the mission field? 

How did Keith impact you, and what are you doing now that you think you might not be doing — if not for his influence? 

Please share your story in the comment section below.
I’ll start!

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Here are a Few Great Photos I Love...

KGPhotos-6 Keith at the Bla Bla KGPhotos-3 KGPhotos-20 Performing a Wedding 1982 KGPhotos-31 KGPhotos-36 KGPhotos-22

What's YOUR story?
How did Jesus use Keith to Impact Your Life?

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We are celebrating Keith's Life, Music, and Message with two Collections.  Both include a CD, a DVD, and a Book: 
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Mae de Venecia (Guest) 09/13/2013 22:16
A christian friend of mine lend me one of Keith's album Songs for the Shepherd. I am just a new convert at that time but his songs really touched me. Not long after that Praise Incorporated released 4 albums of Keith Green entitled The Ministry Years and I really got hold of that 4 casette albums (the gold and silver one Volumes 1-4) From then on I always listen to his songs. And some of the songs that really spoke to me were: To Obey is Better than Sacrifice, Your Love Broke Through, Make My Life a Prayer to You, Pledge My Head to Heaven, I don't Wanna Fall Away from You, Don't You Wish You had the Answers and Here Am I Send Me. These songs had a big influence in my life that I eventually volunteered to become missionary. His songs rebuked me, comforts me, reminds me, and motivates me to really continue with the Lord. Now that I'm married I named my second son after Keith, his name is Keith Matthew. I pray to see him become radical for Jesus someday, just like Keith. For so many years I wasn't able to listen to his songs because casette tapes became obsolete. I requested my friends in the States to give me a Keith Green CD Album. She send me Volume 1 of The Ministry Years 1977-79. Praise God I'm still enjoying his music now that I'm in my 50's. God's anointing in his songs never continue to minister to my broken hearts, keeps on encouraging me to continue no matter what. His life truly ministers up to now through his songs. Glory to God! for the life of Keith Green. May it continue to touch and change lives.
Debra Gomez, Hutto, Texas (Guest) 09/15/2013 23:21
I remember where I was walking when I found out about Keith Green's going to be with Jesus. I was walking to the Library on the University of Texas at Austin campus. I remember thinking that I was so sad for me, but so happy for him that he had completed his earthly life and was experiencing glory. I was a little jealous, I had such a long way to go. My boyfriend then and husband now of 31 years were such fans. We had every album and loved worshiping the Lord through his music! Just recently picked up your biography and am reading it again to get realigned with holiness and passion for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and finishing the good work he has set for us to complete in these last days, to be prepared for His glorious coming!!!!!! Thank you for your faithfulness.
Sergio Lalaian (Guest) 09/23/2013 21:54
I was working on a large evangelical outreach in Iran before Islamic Republic would banned all kind of music. I contacted Vatican in my country and through their cooperation I was able to use the largest Christian auditorium available in Iran to have Keith perform. He wrote me in few weeks earlier that he would do it with all means. Then came the sad news followed by Islamic Republic ban's on Western Music. What an opportunity was missed. I love you guys and continue doing what you doing because you don't know how your ministry touches others. Sergio Lalaian
Connie Hodges (Guest) 09/24/2013 18:04
I was 16 and it was 1981, I went as a new believer to see Keith in concert at Vets Auditorium in DM, IA. My life was never the same after hearing Keith talk about living a no compromise life for Jesus. I was married soon after, left with my new husband for Bible college and have been serving in fulltime ministry for 31 years and married 31 yrs. I have 3 daughters who are all married and serve Jesus in their lives with their husband's...long lasting impacts from a young couple whose lives were changed at a young on fire Christian mans no compromise message... Thanks for the legacy Keith and melody.
Marco (Guest) 09/27/2013 22:40
Keith's amazing version of Until Your Love Broke Through helped bring to Jesus.
The song spoke directly to my heart and helped open my eyes to the love of Jesus Christ.
Thank you Keith and THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!
John McCauley imjohnm@gmail (Guest) 10/03/2013 00:03
We were neighbors in Woodland Hills in the late 70s, and Kieth asked for my help one day. A boy about 12 had tried to stab his mother and as we went into the house the boy came running out. Kieth asked me to stay with the boy who began writhing on the ground like a scene from the movie, The Exorcist.

I don't know what happened to the boy, but in this world where most people focus on themselves, here was a man fearlessly thinking only of others.I wish I got to know him better, but like Jesus, his spirit is still positively affecting others.
Cindy Drennen (Guest) 10/08/2013 18:02
I remember getting a couple of albums of his in the 80s that I know that I did not pay for or at least didn't give much for as I did not have much money. I was so touched by the albums and especially his last album. It totally changed my life. I began a journey back then and at many roads in my life one of these songs will come to my mind. The reason why I am on this site is that because today, while I was praying, a song came to my mind. I knew that it was Keith Green but did not know all of the words and so got on line to find out and was eventually led to this site. I am so thankful for Keith and Melody as some of my favorites are songs that Melody wrote. Thank you both so much. God is still using those songs today to touch people and the Holy Spirit is bringing them to my mind as I pray.
David Gifford (Guest) 10/09/2013 19:46
Before I was saved, in 1982, I worked at a Denny's. One day the cook and I were talking about music. He asked me what I listened to. I told him "Judas Priest". He asked me, "Do you know who Judas was?"

No I didn't.

"He was the man who betrayed Jesus."

This still didn't mean anything to me. I asked him who he listened to. He said, "Keith Green".

Six years went by and I gave my heart to Jesus. I tossed all my Judas Priest music, and everything else, such as Motley Crue, AC/DC, Ratt, etc, into the Columbia River a few days after that. I still hungered for music, however.

Amazingly, I still remembered what the cook said. I marched down to the bible book store, which still weirded me out a little, and found the Keith Green section. I chose Songs For The Shepherd. Though this music was a radical departure from Judas Priest, I fell in love with it instantly.

A few months later I happened to meet this cook again in a parking lot outside of a pizza joint. I excitedly told him that I had been saved and that I remembered what he said about Keith Green's music, and how I loved it.

He looked at me like I said I was from Mars.

"Keith Green?" he asked. He didn't know who that was. "No! I said STEVE Green!"

I have always assumed the Lord made me hear Keith instead of Steve, and what an unfathomable blessing came from that "misunderstanding"!
LD Saunders (Guest) 10/23/2013 23:14
Please add me to the long list of those whose hearts have been fed by the Holy Spirit through Keith Green's ministry! I would like to share a personal moment when time stood still for me, 33 years ago; an event that taught me something about the Power of Courage that flows through a man when he follows Jesus Christ with his whole heart, and is willing to go against the herd...

Hundreds of thousands of Christians had gathered in Washington, DC for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting, scheduled for April 29, 1980. The purpose of the gathering was to fast, pray, and call a sinful nation back to the God it had forsaken.

On April 28th, the night before, it was raining hard at RFK Stadium, where a large meeting of more than 30,000 young people and their leaders was being held outside. The line up of well known speakers and musicians was full to capacity, and one by one they all took on their part. But as God would have it, one man in particular would take on His part that night; alone in the rain, with the conviction of Christ, leading thousands into truth. That man was Keith Green. When introduced, he walked up and assumed his position at the piano, from where he greeted the audience and proceeded to perform a few of his songs. And then it happened...

Suddenly, without warning, both his hands came crashing down on the keys as he cried out with a loud Voice asking, "why aren't we all on our knees, crying out to God for His Mercy?" His Protest was not against people, but against business as usual. Not against the Church, but against indifference, and lukewarmness. I was on the platform standing only feet from Keith when this searing Prophetic inquiry from the Heart of God came forth to thousands of young believers. Time seemed to stand still in a vacuum of Soundless Power. The Silence was immediate and immeasurable, like a Holy Hush taking your breath away. It permeated the entire stadium. I remember at that very moment, watching the rain drops bounce off of the piano as well as the umbrella that my friend was using to shield him from the driving rain. We listened as he poured out his heart to 30,000 young people, calling them and the entire Church back to God, exhorting them to Repent. The message was brief and interrupted. It would seem Keith understood very well that Judgement begins in the House of God.

Not only did I see a man of humility, I witnessed up close the Spirit of Humility resting upon the man, as he accepted an undeserved rebuff from the organizers for breaking with the schedule The Anguish of his soul had touched the Love in his heart. And at that very moment, he belonged only to God. So, therefore, he spoke only for God, alone in the rain.

May the Lord Jesus raise up many more Keith's & Melody's, before that Great and Final Day. These are the Last Days!!

Love & Blessings to all,
LD Saunders
Jim Weinberg (Guest) 10/28/2013 13:32
I grew up in a pastor's home during the end of the Jesus Movement in the late 60s and early 70s. I recommitted my life to Yeshua in 1977 in the regeneration experience and soon afterward attended Toccoa Falls Bible College. One night the college leased out the town skating rink for an outing. Most of the music played that night was Keith Green, "manna burgers." That is where I first heard of him. Oddly, I believed that the Lord told my to lay aside my drum set and music. Then I attended Bible College to discover contemporary Christian music. I began to do Jewish ministries at U of GA and studied Judaic references in the college library. Then Keith Green passed away to my surprise. I remember catching a ride to Atlanta with friends for the Keith Green Memorial. It had a great impact on my life. We even went to the following one in Columbia SC afterward. The Lord has is purposes and takes people in ways we hope ought not to happen. Perhaps he maximized favor in the Lord's eyes for his greatest potential and for continuing a testimony. Life continues, but a moment to remember and recollect.
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