A History of  LDM

We Give Jesus All The Glory

God has given us wonderful blessings

and favor over the years. He let young believers

from humble beginnings serve Him boldly, and even

 with our imperfections, He used us.

  We've experienced challenges over the years, but

learned from each one.  We always hoped each change

would make our own hearts more like God's and perhaps

 inspire your hearts towards that same ultimate goal.

The highlights below, share about some of our

adventures with the Lord, Who has graciously

let LDM touch millions around the world... so far.


Houses, Houses, and More Houses...

After 18 months of marriage, Keith and Melody Green found a true relationship with God. From that point on they shared their excitement for the Lord with anyone who would listen. Pretty soon their small house in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley was overflowing.

They bought the house next door and  rented five more homes within a few blocks of each other to house their quickly growing community of new believers. People were continually getting saved, baptized and set apart to serve the Lord.

At the same time, Keith was continuing to work on his natural gift of music. He and Melody were writing songs together to put their newfound love for God, and their desire to serve Him, into music.

Virtually unaffected by time, the music of Keith Green remains as popular with young people today as it was when Keith first recorded it—and just as inspiring, too.

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Keith and Melody weren't really trying to start a ministry, they just read the Bible and tried to do what it said. But after two years of following Jesus they were supporting about 70 people in seven houses—and an official ministry was born anyway. They gave it the name Last Days Ministries because they saw the daily headlines start to line up with Biblical prophecy.

For the Greens, and all who came to live and serve Jesus with them, there was never a dull moment. They were going door to door asking people if they had prayer needs, inviting strangers to their weekly Pot Luck Dinners, sharing the Lord on Hollywood Blvd, at the beach, and in the fast food places they frequented.

Keith's First Album


This year, "For Him Who Has Ears To Hear," was released in 1977 on Sparrow Records.  Keith had been reading Revelation and was struck by how many times God tells us to be careful to listen to Him, starting with,  "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."  Keith's album sent a bold and powerful message, to an often sleepy Church.  It took the Christian world by surprise, and us too, as it became a top hit at the top of the music charts. 


The Last Days Newsletter was born. It came about like the ministry did, in an unexpected way. While Keith was doing concert tours before the release of his first album he gathered 6,000 names of people who wanted his album sent to them when it came out. After many days of work an excited crew of LDMer's finished mailing out the album. Then Keith thought about those 6,000 people and wondered what more he could do to continue to minister to them.


Keith decided to put his heart onto paper and the first issue of the Last Days Newsletter was sent out as a prophetic voice to the Church. Eventually it became known as The Last Days Magazine and over 16 million copies were sent around the world. What began as a simple newsletter became a highly illustrated Magazine, well known throughout the world for its challenging and provocative articles and for promoting a "No Compromise" commitment to Christ.

The Revival and Wagons Ho!


There was a powerful move of God at LDM—a time that was forever known as "The Revival" by all who were there. From this time of intense visitation, Keith felt a change was coming. He talked with each person who had been living and serving at LDM and it seemed many were called on to new things. A short time later, Keith and Melody and about 23 others moved their ministry base from Southern California to 140 acres in East Texas. LDM had a new home and lots of room to grow!


As The Last Days Magazine gained popularity, many people began requesting back issues so they could read the previous articles or pass them on to friends. It soon became obvious that the Magazine stock would run out, so we started reprinting the main articles in tract form. Little did we know in the spring of 1979 that we would launch the distribution of over 89 million tracts—with translations in 50 different languages.

Eventually called WiseTracts, thousands of these articles were ordered and mailed out each month and used by organizations such as The Billy Graham Association, Focus on the Family, The Salvation Army and many others. Today, LDM articles are still ministering to people around the world. You can download them for free  or you can purchase small packets of them.  For more information just visit our Resource Mall.


For Whatever You Can Afford          


Keith's concert ministry continued to grow and his message got stronger—often splashing cold water on the Body of Christ. Keith continually called Christians to live like they said they believed they should. His hard hitting message, to his surprise, actually drew more and more people, and large auditoriums began to fill with people hungry to be challenged in their walk with God.

Also in 1980, Keith began the "Whatever You Can Afford" policy at LDM. It was a reflection of our desire to see that no one be deprived of basic ministry materials due to a lack of funds. Over the years we've been able to provide hundreds of thousands of ministry materials to people all around the world who otherwise could not have afforded them.


The LDM ranch in Texas underwent a "building boom"—construction was started on a two story Cafeteria/Worship Center.  Besides building places to eat and serve the Lord  we wanted to be more "hand's on" with our  Magazine.  So Keith went to an auction and bought a four-color web press.  It  was rebuilt and added to our  huge new print shop facility. Also  big two story dormitory was  built for the influx of new staff.

Pro-Life Beginnings

Also in 1981, LDM became actively involved in pro-life ministry—beginning with the release of Melody's article, "Children, Things We Throw Away?" written a few years earlier. This arm of LDM began to focus national attention on the plight of unborn babies. LDM also reached out to moms dealing with crisis pregnancy. Over 15 million tracts of Melody's first message—not to mention her subsequent pro-life messages—have been translated into many languages and distributed around the world. Countless babies have been saved as well as protecting women of all ages from the trauma of abortion.

Last Days is still deeply committed to the pro-life work being done throughout the world. We encourage local church participation in pro-life ministry and post-pregnancy care of single moms.


Keith's Spring Concert tour was bigger than ever—ministering some nights to 10,000 - 12,000 people in large stadiums. But as Keith stared out at the crowds who came to hear his music and his preaching, his heart was being turned in another direction—towards those who would probably never go to a Christian concert. And towards the mission field.

After his Spring tour was over, Keith and Melody took a trip overseas and the Lord used their Youth With A Mission friends to open up a world they had only glimpsed before. They came back home deeply moved and committed to sharing the things the Lord had shown them. Keith planned a large fall tour with one express purpose—to challenge believers in America to reach the lost and needy in other nations. He invited YWAM leaders to come speak at his concerts to share vision as well.

A New Vision for Missions

As usual, Keith wanted to share his heart with those who read the Last Days Magazine, so he began an article for the upcoming issue. He called it, "Why You Should Go To The Mission Field." Once Keith realized there were more Avon salespeople per person in the world than there were Christians trying to reach the lost, his heart would not stop burning. No one had any way of knowing it would be Keith's last written contribution to the magazine.

By July much still needed to be done for the Fall tour. Keith and Melody were busy writing new songs to challenge believers to reach the lost, but only a few stadiums had been booked. And as usual, their summers were filled with friends coming to visit.

A Tragic Day in July

It was July 28th when old friends from southern California arrived with their six children. They were on their way back east to start a church—and they'd promised their children an airplane ride when they got to LDM. We had cleared some land for a simple airstrip and leased a small airplane for Keith's tours.

It was just before sunset when everyone, along with Keith, climbed on board for a quick flight. Keith loved to do special things with his children so he took his two oldest along—Josiah David who was almost 4 years old, and Bethany Grace, who was 2 years old. LDM's pilot had just returned from another flight and was ready to go.

Tragically, they did not go very far.

It seemed the plane didn't get enough lift at take-off. From that point on everything happened quickly. Within 20 seconds the small plane fell from the sky and crashed in a neighboring field. It exploded on impact. At the time, Melody was at home with their one year old daughter Rebekah Joy. Melody was also 6 weeks pregnant with their fourth child.

The loss to family and friends—and to the Kingdom of God—was beyond words. The news of it traveled around the world at lightening speed on CNN and US Armed Forces radio, but for everyone at LDM the days and nights seemed endless. With Keith gone, Melody and the staff asked Jesus if He wanted LDM to continue. Jesus made it clear that although Keith was with Him, He still had things for LDM to do.

Within a few months several leaders from the area, along with the leadership team at LDM, prayed over Melody and commissioned her to lead the ongoing work of LDM.

Keith Green Memorial Concerts

In the  Fall of 1982, Melody and the LDM team did the tour she and Keith had in their  hearts.  Even though Keith could not be there, they carried the missions message to over 300,000 people in 110 cities. It was called The Keith Green Memorial Concert. On these evenings LDM showed a video of Keith's last concert including his missions challenge—on a screen that was 17 feet tall. Several YWAM leaders, along with Melody, shared God's heart for the world.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM later said, "I don't know of a time in history when more youth were presented a missionary challenge." Afterwards, Operation Mobilization and YWAM said their training schools were jammed with students—and they're still coming today! A video of The Keith Green Memorial Concert—showing Keith in concert and Melody sharing—is still available and continues to touch people all around the world.


In March, Melody gave birth to Rachel Hope, a baby sister for Rebekah Joy—and the work of LDM continued to expand and grow.


The Lord told LDM to put the issue of life on the front burner and to turn up the heat. Melody spearheaded this LDM emphasis, which now had a name—Americans Against Abortion. Everyone at LDM gave 100% to this massive effort. LDM held events across the nation, distributed millions of tracts, and challenged believers to embrace biblical pro-life principles.

Melody Meets The President


On behalf of LDM and "Americans Against Abortion," Melody personally presented President Ronald Reagan with the Americans Against Abortion Petition For Life—signed by almost three million Americans. Pro-life groups and caring Christians across America participated with us to make it the largest non-war related petition in American history.


Melody was invited to speak at the national Washington For Jesus rally in Washington, D.C. where she challenged 850,000 Americans to uphold God's standard for life. The LDM team was there too—with tons of free materials—and we were all overwhelmed at how the Lord was allowing us to impact the nation with such a [literally] life saving message.


LDM had been very close to Youth With A Mission for several years and the Lord made it clear that while we needed to keep our unique identity, we were supposed to join forces with YWAM and become "a ministry of Youth With A Mission." YWAM is the largest missions organization in the world, with over 450 bases operating worldwide. LDM flourished and grew even more in the next few years.

Winds of Change


We had the sense that the Lord wanted to make some big changes with LDM -- which launched us into a long and prayerful process to hear clearly from Him. For nearly a year we all asked Him a lot of questions and wrestled hard in prayer.  Even then, it was still a huge challenge for us to do what we felt the Lord was saying.

But in the end it was as simple as truly believing, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away."

Many thought we were crazy to think of closing a ministry while it was touching people all over the world. At times we thought we were crazy, too!  But a man of wisdom told us, "As important as it is to know when God is telling you to start a work, it is just as important to know when God is telling you to end a work.”

Our hearts desire was to serve God with passion – but in His way, not our own.  In order to do that, we believed we needed to release LDM back to the One who gave it to us in the first place.

So with mixed emotions -- glad to obey God, but hard to let go -- we began to unwind our community-based training center where over 150 people lived and served Jesus. We did it as gracefully as we could, giving the missions staff enough time to gracefully transition to the next place God had for them. For most of them it was YWAM.

For Melody and her family it meant a move to California and a Sabbatical Rest from ministry until, when and if, further "marching orders" came from the Lord.

A Sabbatical Rest


All of LDM was given back to the Giver, we knew if Jesus wanted to give us a new way of doing things… He could and He would. We had no idea if it would be just a season of rest for LDM, or if LDM's season had been totally fulfilled. We approached everything like it was the latter, turned out the lights, and put it all into God's hands. It was all His anyway.


An awesome youth ministry, Teen Mania, bought the property from LDM and we were thrilled to see the land we’d prayed over become a missions training base for young people again.  We blessed them and prayed that God would give them lasting fruit…  fruit that would outshine anything LDM ever accomplished on that land, multiplied by at least 100 fold.

We also created a simple LDM website to keep our ministry materials available, putting all of our tracts online for everyone to read. Two small offices in Texas and in California, oversaw the website, fulfilled orders, and responded to pressing needs.


It was a full 10  years after closing our ranch in Texas, that the Lord released us to launch out again… but as expected, not in the same way.  Better technology than ever became available to us and we knew it was time to rebuild  in a more simplified and streamlined way.

In June 2006 we began to design and envision -- merging all of what we had with a new online platform.  We began to build a new "house"  for LDM not only to have a place for for our historical messages, but so there would be a place to put all God has promised to give us in the future. 

And this website is a result of that.

Getting Back Into The Trenches


LDM Online re-launched . 

We love the scripture, "Cast your bread upon the waters for after many days you will find it again."  We don't always know how things will look when God calls us to make a change, but when we  “walk in faith not by sight”  it somehow releases God to move in His mysterious ways...

Blessings and thank you for reading about our continuing journey with the Lord.


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