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Americans Against Abortion History

A Call to Christian Involvement

melodyIn 1978, because of his concern for human life, Keith asked Melody to write an article about abortion for the LDM Magazine. That was the beginning. Children, Things We Throw Away? has since become one of our most requested tracts.

Over the years LDM received many, many letters that let them know they were, indeed, making a difference. In 1979, when about 10,000 copies of Children, Things We Throw Away? had been sent out, letters like this one were being received.


"I only wish I could have read your article 5 years ago. Shortly before I got saved I had an abortion. I went to a university hospital and they herded me along with 15 other girls into a room for "counseling". I really wouldn't call it counseling since it was all pro-abortion talk, and they soft-soaped the procedure as a painless, quick one. They also gave statistics about how many women have abortions each year and how we shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed. It seemed like an eternity waiting in that little room for my turn and hearing cries from the other room. Melody, it wasn't like they said! The shot didn't take, the pain was worse than labor. Easy and painless? What a lie! Instantly condemnation and depression set in, as the stark reality of what I'd just done hit me. I just praise the Lord that the story doesn't end there. Two months later He saved me! All that pain and torment is passed away, and I have an assurance that one day I'll see that baby in heaven, and it will forgive me, just as God did."

— V.M. Tucson, AZ

From 1981, three years after Children, Things We Throw Away? was first published, this letter comes.

"I thank God for you and your tracts. Your 'Children, Things We Throw Away?' - saved the little Melinda's life and brought her mother to the Lord. I have seen all your tracts change people's lives - even mine, and I thank God for your ministries."

— J.P. Rogue River, OR


babychoice2By this time (1981) half a million of these tracts had been printed and distributed and other tracts and articles were being circulated on the abortion issue. Letters like this came streaming in every week and LDM saw the fruit of their work not only in the saving of lives, but the changing of hearts.

Keith later encouraged Melody to accept pro-life speaking invitations, but she never did while he was here.

Then in January of 1984, Melody was invited to speak at the March For Life in Washington, D.C.  1.8 million of LDM's pro-life tracts were distributed there. The fruit from that time was an indication that God was stirring His people - us included. Then in March the Keith Green Memorial Concerts went to Canada and the Lord kept tugging at Melody's heart about the problem of abortion. During that tour she and Bob Ayala gave a portion of each evening to challenge Christians about the issue. Melody had written about it, but speaking out was something totally new.

In 1985, seven years after our initial pro-life involvement, God asked LDM to move the issue of abortion up to the "front burner." And in June, Americans Against Abortion was founded as the pro-life arm of LDM. This led to many fruitful pro-life activities over the next few years.

aaarallyDuring this time, Melody traveled the country, speaking at the new American's Against Abortion Concert Rallies. She was joined by powerful Christian performers like Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Debbie Boone and others. These artists, over 100 in all, joined together to make "Fight the Fight", a musical challenge to the Body of Christ about the abortion issue.

In 1986, on May 1, Pastor Norman Stone's 3,000 mile Walk America For Life concluded in Washington, D.C., the Baby Choice video was delivered to every member of Congress, and on May 3rd one of the aborted babies that had accompanied Pastor Stone on his walk was buried at Slaughter Beach, Delaware.

reaganIn 1986 Melody was invited to the White House to meet with President Reagan along with other national pro-life leaders. Sharing with the President her appreciation for his strong commitment to life issues, she handed him the video documentary, Baby Choice. Later, President and Mrs. Reagan viewed the video and were deeply moved. It was encouraging to see the Lord open doors to meet the most influential man in our nation through our simple obedience.



"Dear Melody,

Nancy and I ran Baby Choice and were, as you promised, deeply moved. Thank you for giving it to us and, even more, for making it. I know it was a sad, but necessary, task, and I hope millions will see it and hear your words...

Be assured I'll be praying for you...Again, thanks and God bless you.


Ronald Reagan.
On July 30th, 1987, Melody presented President Reagan with the Americans Against Abortion Petition For Life at the White House with almost three million signatures on it! And on August 22nd our National Rally For Life in Washington, D.C. drew approximately 15,000 people.

By 1991 over 19 million pro-life related tracts had been distributed.

The wonderful thing about LDM is that it was just regular people who realized they were responsible to stand against injustice and to lift up God's standard of righteousness and love for the world to see. When they did, they found that they could make a difference. Of course, the battle isn't won yet. We hope each of you will sense a growing desire to take a stand. If LDM proved one thing it was that we can make a difference in the world if we really want to. Abortion is not a pleasant issue to deal with, but Christians need to speak the truth. If we won't, who will? 
Written by Melody Green, the article that opened her eyes fully to the truth about abortion. Distributed in the millions worldwide, printed in many languages and been responsible for saving the lives of countless babies!
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