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Keith Green Commemorative Poster

"O Lord, You're Beautiful"

In concert at Oral Roberts University, March 1979

"Oh Lord You're Beautiful" Keith Green Legacy Poster
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18 x 24 (Standard Size for framing if desired) High-Quality Poster Art Surrounded by the lyrics of "Oh Lord You're Beautiful". Taken at Oral Roberts University, March 1979

 Melody's memories of this photo...

This amazing photo was taken on the second of three nights of ministry at ORU. Keith himself was worshiping and utterly gripped. Silently pleading with the Lord to have His way. The presence of God was overwhelming.

I was there to feel it – but can you see it?

Just a month before, Keith experienced a life-changing, personal revival. It brought a deep conviction about sin and complacency in his own life. He believed God wanted to do the same for other believers. And that it would start and spread from ORU.

Near the end of this night, thousands of students spontaneously jammed on the stage, and filled the aisles, in worship and repentance. It was captured in this photo from the rafters.

There's not enough space to tell the full story here – I dedicated a full chapter in my book about these dramatic events. All I can say is those who were there still talk about the night God showed up and lives were changed forever.

I believe Keith would want his music and ministry remembered in this way. Like he really was. Not a glitzy performer, but a minister of the Gospel who used his music to glorify God, not himself. That’s the way I remember his ministry.

— Melody



Keith Green Commemorative Poster

"O Lord, You're Beautiful"


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  • Circled by the lyrics of "O Lord, You're Beautiful"
  • Large 18 x 24 (1.5 feet x 2 feet) Standard Framing Size
  • Heavy Paper Quality Glossy Photo - Poster
  • Taken at Oral Roberts University, March 1979

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