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LDM store products > Art > "Oh Lord You're Beautiful" Keith Green Legacy Poster

"Oh Lord You're Beautiful" Keith Green Legacy Poster

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Retail Price  $25.95
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From Melody:

You are a looking at a first fruit from "our vault" where I’ve stored precious memories. This photo was taken almost 33 years ago, but it feels like yesterday.
Perhaps it will remind us of our first love, and maybe it will challenge a new generation to deeper devotion.
It’s time to share some treasures in ways that honor the Lord and properly  commemorate Keith’s legacy. 

This amazing photo is one of my favorites. It's not just a concert photo… it's a moment in time, captured by a photographer hidden in the rafters. It shows Keith’s heart and passion for God in a powerful, unguarded moment.

When we yield our lives to God He uses us to draw people to Him. Whether we are in an office, a store, or even on a big stage – God will use us.

I think all who love Keith’s music, and heart of worship, will be inspired and challenged by this amazing moment.

Keith was focused on Jesus and we need to be focused too. 

* Be sure to click here and look at the larger version.  The lyric's of "Oh Lord You're Beautiful" start in lower left and wrap all around the photo.  Across the bottom we've noted the place and date and info on Keith.   
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